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I realize I'm new here, but if may offer a response to this....

I think that as long as a thread is productive, ie; fostering intelligent discussion without any flaming, then let it go. Even if it gets off topic, as long as it stays civilized and intelligent, and relevant to the surrounding discussion.

It's amazing where a discussion can lead you if you let it. Staying strictly on-topic can sometimes stifle the emergence of some really good ideas.

Just one man's opinion.....

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I believe that the length of some threads is not a detriment to the overall quality of the forum. If someone is 'flogging a dead horse' the other posters always retain the option of moving along or joining in.

Besides, I think it would be too much to ask of Greg to monitor and evaluate the quality of the posts and cut it short, when (as in the 'free market system) the other posters will decide if something has merit or not. They will 'buy into something' if they see value, they will ignore it if they don't.

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I don't see the point in regulating the length of threads. So long as they are not inappropriate (massive, long flame wars etc) then why stifle discussion? If a thread goes for a long time its simply a hot topic and probably a complex issue. As Eureka says threads will only ever be as long as peoples interest. Also, as Slavik44 indicates, people self-regulate if they think a discussion has become repetitive. Is there really any need for regulation?

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This is not the forum for it, but my chief experience with the Internet was in one thread that lasted 3 or 4 years, and ran to more than 30,000 posts. A few thousand of those were mine.

Much was repeated in different ways. That was never wasted since, from the nature of the discussion, there were always new "combatants" with, as they thought, a different perspective. It was, for many, an education in an important Canadian issue.

This particular thread was of great value. The information and disinformation should have been collected for historical and political purposes. However, it was closed down eventually and a great deal of work and opinions from all over Canada was lost.

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