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Coming US/Canada trade war?

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I must admit I haven't followed this issue too much, but it does remind me of the softwood lumber dispute that devastated communities here in British Columbia:

The U.S. Senate may introduce legislation by midnight Monday night to repeal its controversial meat labelling law that Canada has vigorously complained about — possibly averting a trade war.

Or it may not.

In any event, Canada is poised to retaliate after winning a major ruling from the World Trade Organization last week that clears the way for more than $1-billion in punitive tariffs to be imposed on the U.S.

And that could mean a rotating set of steep tariffs on a wide range of American goods flowing into Canada.

So, if the the Senate doesn't repeal said legislation, does the Trudeau Government have it in them to go to bat for Canadian cattle ranchers? The previous Liberal Government left BC's forestry sector in the wind over softwood lumber, not being resolved until the Harper Tories reached a deal in '06 (a deal that expired a month or so ago)......the current Liberal Government doesn't appear to be doing anything for the O&G industries, so will they get into a trade war with our largest trading partner over beef?

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Ottawa caved on our fish and fishermen in the face of American interests so I fail to see why they won't cave on our cows and cattlemen too.

Americans own just about all the groundfish quota on Canada's west coast. Canadians aren't allowed to own American quota.

Poor cattlemen.

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Do you think canada is independent country? It is more dependant to us than poland to ussr 30years ago. That is why harper "let it go", no better option.

How many countries are independent, not many and with the New World Order planning Free Trade deals with ALL the countries to connect them, so they can control ANY country's economy for their own reasons, or should I say their own |"interest", just watch in the future what happens.

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