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Refugee Crisis - Harper puts Obama to Shame

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Lets get real here... It is quite easy for every country to embrace refugees from Syria because of the brutality. But where is the same compassion for refugees for Palestinians, Latinos, or even American whistle blowers trying to escape persecution? Any leader can do what is popular, but the great leaders do what is right. And using Obama as a standard of measure is a mistake to begin with. Norway, Sweden and Denmark are the countries I most admire for embracing ALL legitimate refugees. America is lucky if they eve make the top 10.

If Canada won't make our money back from these refugees then we shouldn't take them in. This country isn't a charity. Citizenship isn't a right but a privilege. We only need the best. Only 11% of the refugees are University educated. Thats the only people we should draw from. Even though Syrian Uni is far behind us at least they have some education. No family type uneducated poor should be taken in. They're more likely to harbor backward ideals not compatible with our country.
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The Obama Administration has just announced that they will take in 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year. That's right - a country 10 times the size of Canada can't even match us. How's that for perspective? If Harper's "lack of action" is "shameful" - what do we say about Obama? Do you think the media will pick up on it?

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/11/world/middleeast/obama-directs-administration-to-accept-10000-syrian-refugees.html?_r=0

Out of curiosity- do conservatives ever take a step back and ask how these problems arise in the first place?

Just curious, because in all the bafflegab about illegal immigration that really started to turn me off about US grassroots conservatives, I could never find one who even wanted to bother wondering WHY people were crossing the southern US border, and even where their countries of origin were!

So, now this Syria thing is a competition between who takes the most refugees? That's the only issue at stake?

I've mentioned many times already, that there would be no refugee crisis from Syria or Libya or Iraq or Afghanistan or Somalia, if these countries weren't staging grounds for US covert military operations. The wars never seem to be going as smoothly as planned (in spite of all the high tech electronics and weaponry), and after overthrowing governments, the US doesn't know what to do to pacify the region enough to impose Neoliberal economic solutions on them. And now, the next refugee crisis is in its infancy as US guns, planes and bombs are used by the Saudis to devastate Yemen.....watch for that wave of refugees in a year or two to add to the ones already trying to migrate north!

So, I'll leave it with the note that the question of whether Canada is more generous than the US, is irrelevant. The US had been using Assad during WarOnTerror days (Maher Arar) just as they used Gadaffi. And when they decided that they were no longer useful....or at least essential, the US set the process in motion for regime change.....that hasn't quite worked as planned in either case.

European nations should be sending ALL of their Syrian, Libyan and Iraqi refugees to the US....because this was their baby! And for all of the Harpercons out there who demand that Canada march in lock step with US foreign policy.....that gives us at least 10% of the total refugee number.....which is a hellofalot more than 10,000!

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I agree. The more often he exposes himself as a xenophobe, the less likely Canadians will vote for him.

You like to throw insults around a lot, don't you. Do you think it convinces people you're actually making an intelligent argument?

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And again harper was right. Now Germany and others have now found out to late and are now shutting their borders. This something we can not fix by bring everyone over here. All it will do ,is in time the same problems they have over there will be here. And our vets that died for this country would be spinning in their graves.

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It's easy to call names and make accusations but considering what is happening there should be a genuine concern. We should only take in the genuine refugees with children, those who are in the most need.

Germany is now realizing what it has done and the problems they are facing, as the German police chief thinks that there should be separate housing due to fighting. The police have reached their breaking point. Not to mention how they will ever find employment for that many, especially considering German language skills are both a legal and cultural requirement.

Denmark closed it's borders a week or so ago.



That, it said, meant overcrowded refugee shelters, local authorities and police being stretched to the limit, some Muslims attacking Christians and some men preying on women.


Warnings about the potential exploitation of cheap labor and predictions that new arrivals could push up unemployment by 70,000 next year have replaced euphoria about how newcomers could help solve shortage of skilled labor.

The Labour Office says 80 percent of refugees arrive without formal qualifications by German standards and only 8 percent of refugees tend to find employment in the first year. Aware of the looming problems, the government has responded


ETA: They are warning women to dress modestly and not walk unaccompanied around train stations and refugee centres and confiscating private land and buildings to house the refugees.

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