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Maple Syrup and Greg


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Another brilliant off-topic thread by MS.

Greg, I agree and disagree.

Side One: MS starts crazy threads and makes crazy posts - these are sometimes off topic.

Side Two: But maybe I'm wrong. Greg, maybe you're wrong. MS gives life to this forum. S/he has every right to do so. These posts are a benefit to us all.

Bottom line?

Maple Syrup has every right to post here.

I would even happily pay taxes to cover the cost of servers and bandwidth.

BTW, where does this Forum get its money? (How do you pay this rare bandwidth? How much are we talking?)

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Maple Syrup is indeed a valuable contributor to this forum. Even if you disagree with him/her, the reality is that everyone reads his/her posts and responds to them. To me, this suggests that there is credibility to the information enclosed in these posts.

It is, however, easy to get off topic and I suspect that the posts drew attention from Greg because they consumed considerable space (pics). Everyone is guilty of this including myself. After taking courses with Ed Webking with his lefist ranting and Peter McCormick's PC worship, I am sure Greg is very aware of tiresome off-topic discussions :lol: . A gentle reminder every now and then though is in order.

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greg is right. Maple leaf should learn to post in the correct area since he is so prolific. I would like him to cut down the melodrama and learn to separate fact and opinion. The logging truck accident is a stretch to be political; certainly not a federal case. Just tragic. No one wants him/her to leave just think a bit before you leap. I even agree with some of his/her opinions but just bring it down a peg. Others do get off topic inside of the forum and as you said; e all can get off track. Just remember, when you do, try to bring it back to the topic. It is aggravating to find a discussion has been hijcked into some philosphical discussion. There are serious issues that we could discuss and argue. We had a super discussion on Canada Foreign Affairs (closely moderated)

that was done intelligently and politely. check it out (closed now, unfortunately)

took a lot of work and restraint but very informative and taught me a lot.

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August.....it seems you have been drinking again. Jeez man, cut it out.

Greg.....this is what happens when you let things get out of control. Well don't say I didn't warn you.

What a brilliant thing to do, starting a thread about a person or persons, and allowing it to happen is even more brilliant.

Everyone needs to clean up their act here.

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