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"gay Marriage" Is Not About 'rights'


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'Gay marriage' is not about 'rights'

David Limbaugh

February 27, 2004

Proponents of traditional values are making a tactical error in allowing the homosexual lobby to frame the issue of same-sex marriage merely as one of equal rights for gays. Much more is at stake.

Let me raise a few questions. Do you believe that marriage is properly an institution between a man and a woman? Do you believe marriage, so defined, is an indispensable building block of our society? If you answered yes to these questions, do you believe that there is something wrong with you for wanting to preserve an institution that you believe is essential for society? Are you a homophobe? Are you full of hate?

** ADMIN -- The remainder of this post has been removed due to copyright infringment. **

The article can be found at http://worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?...RTICLE_ID=37331

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All homosexuals have a "right" to get married and to have that marriage sanctioned by the state. But in order to do that they must marry someone of the opposite sex -- that's what marriage means and has always meant.

As the Ontario Court of Appeal said: "The right to marry becomes meaningless if you cannot chose the person you wish to be spouse."

Why is this wriiter promoting sham marriages?

Anyway, the rest of the article is a good summary of the anti-gay marriage side of the debate: a lot of bluster and fear mongering, not much substance. For example, the authour warns of the "consequenses to our society" and that gay marriage will threaten the underpinings of society. But he doesn't say how or why. Factor in his erroneous assertion that the U.S. is a nation founded on specific religious beliefs and you end up with a pretty flaccid defence of marriage.

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David Limbaugh

Is the biggest idiot I've ever heard speak. Anything he says I will never listen too, nice try...but sadly Limbaugh is one of the people I most hate...


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