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Found 9 results

  1. Law enforcement officers from agencies across British Columbia, Canada and parts of the United States are expected to be in attendance Wednesday to pay their respects to murdered Burnaby RCMP Const. Shaelyn Yang. "(It’s) going to be a tough day for a lot of people. Not just police and first responders,” said Burnaby RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Mike Kalanj. “I think a lot of people across this country are going to be sad and proud to see us honour a true hero." Yang was part of her detachment’s mental health and homeless outreach team. She died after being stabbed in an altercation in Broadview Park, where she’d been called to assist city staff in speaking with a homeless person living in a tent. "To show their respect for Const. Yang, but more so to show their respect for the uniform,” Heed said. “To show that each and every shift these officers go out to, they could be put in harm's way." The funeral service at the Richmond Oval is not open to the public, but Willingdon Church in Burnaby is prepared to welcome up to 2,000 people to watch a livestream of the event. People are also invited to line the streets for the procession to the funeral. The route begins on Russ Baker Way near Larry Berg Flight Path Park, before crossing the Fraser River at Gilbert Road, and following River Road to the Richmond Oval. A large number of Vancouver police officers are expected to be among the thousands in attendance. "When Const. Yang was killed it struck many of our own officers to the core,” VPD Sgt. Steve Addison said. “Many of our own officers were the first who were on scene. It was just blocks away from Boundary Road.” At the service,. Yang’s RCMP colleagues will remember the compassion and empathy she demonstrated in her work with some of Burnaby’s most vulnerable residents. "She stood for all Canadians and she died a hero,” said Cpl. Kalanj. “That's how we're going to send her off and that's how we're always going to remember her." CTV News Vancouver will be providing in-depth coverage of the procession and service on TV and online, with a live special hosted by Mi-Jung Lee that begins at 10 a.m. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/police-from-across-the-canada-parts-of-u-s-expected-at-slain-b-c-mountie-s-regimental-funeral-1.6135051
  2. ⬆️ Trending on a few media outlets. Poll: Should the below man, which did the shooting be charged? A Texas man whose truck was stolen used an Apple AirTag to track down the missing vehicle and shoot the man suspected of taking it, according to San Antonio police. Andrew John Herrera, 44, died of a gunshot wound to the head. The Bexar County Medical Examiner ruled the death a homicide, KSAT reports. It’s unclear if the person who fired on the alleged thief will face criminal charges. The Police Department spokesperson said: “If you are to get your vehicle stolen, I know it’s frustrating, but please do not take matters into your own hands like this." Apple condemned the shooting.
  3. ⬆️ Trending via Sky News New CCTV footage released of Irvo Otieno 'smothered to death' by police. Surveillance video from a state psychiatric hospital in Virginia shows a group of sheriff’s deputies and medical staff members piling on a handcuffed man, Irvo Otieno, and pinning him on the floor for around 11 minutes, until his death. The video is in this article: https://news.sky.com/story/new-cctv-fotage-released-of-man-smothered-to-death-by-us-police-12839876 We have a debate going on this website about issues with the police: https://repolitics.com/forums/topic/43555-what-is-the-issue-with-policing-in-the-usa/ Possible protests to follow in my estimation.
  4. <--- Left Wing Radicals arrested in Atlanta. 23 suspects from France, Canada, and 14 other states. Story developing, will post more shortly. Sources: The Internet 😄 Video:
  5. Do you know how cops should get paid? By Tips. If they had to be nice to earn their salary then I bet we would see an instant change. What do you think? 😄
  6. Is anyone else disgusted by the draconian, unjust deep sixing of the Toronto BBQ owner who defied the lockdown order to open indoor dining for three days? This story illustrates exactly why people have become distrustful of the police and government. The $187,000 fine imposed on this business owner is vindictive and doesn't fit the crime. It does explain why small business owners and people in general are suspicious of restrictions that prevent someone from operating a business and earning a livelihood. I just don't think government should have the right to impose such restrictions. The right to earn a living is a basic human right. If you don't want to eat out, then don't. Ensuring social distancing and reduced capacity is one thing, destroying someone's business to make a point that police and government hold all the cards, right or wrong, isn't okay. What recourse does this guy have without taking expensive legal action that he probably can't afford? https://apple.news/A7SiAcw1sRxCR3d6CmZlinA
  7. We have seen excesses at play from members and factions within the police authorities, kneeling on the neck of a subdued black man, hitting a 70 year-old white man in the face with a baton, shooting a twenty-something indigenous woman based on the police claim that she became aggressive with a knife. These stories of police brutality arrive in the context of a pandemic that has hit poor, crowded communities hardest, many with large racialized populations. In communities that struggled to begin with, hit hard recently by Covid-19, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that police brutality against such peoples can only ignite a powder keg of pent-up anger and frustration. Obviously no one in a protest should destroy private property or hurt innocent people. Meeting a misuse of power with a misuse of protest is an unreasonable solution to oppression. The questions must now be asked. What systemic policies continue to exist that enable oppression? What must change in policing and public policy to prevent the misuse of power? I’ll put forward a few policies that I think should immediately change: -end all use of force against peaceful protesters -end the criminalization and use of law enforcement against drug use (not including large scale drug dealing), prostitution (both in the provision and use of such services), drinking in public, and assembling in any sized group (including groups not practicing social distancing) -end the harassment of people suffering from mental health problems or who are inebriated (and not harassing or hurting anyone) -redirect funding used to enforce laws against the above mentioned behaviour towards inner city economic development and mental health programs -end carding of people who are not committing a crime -ensure that all police are equipped with mini cams that must be active during all forms of law enforcement -refocus law enforcement on protecting people from violence, theft, and other clear crimes intended to hurt people What do you think must change?
  8. When it comes to budget cuts, police seem to always be sacrosanct. I've seen cuts to teachers, social workers, scientists, all kinds of admin staff and almost every other type of government employee. But not police. Nor, come to think of it, fireman. This editorial claims that policing costs have risen faster than the rate of inflation in Canada (at all 3 levels of government) despite a falling crime rate. It also claims that police resources are used inefficiently with $100k a year policeman doing all kinds of work that could be done by lesser trained staff. Perhaps when marijuana is legalized, that would be a good opportunity to examine policing needs. Maybe there is an opportunity to redirect resources towards supporting people, not prosecuting them.
  9. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/former-edmonton-cop-derek-huff-blows-whistle-on-brutality-corruption-1.1871353 So there is a notion by some that things can be corrected if you go through the right channels. Went through channels, got nowhere.
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