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  1. MS was never a death sentence. Even today, people don't die from MS, what they die from are complications from MS. And there are still teminal illnesses from which there is no cure.
  2. Didn't that happen during the Reagan/Mulroney era? And it seems to me that here, in Alberta, it was a conservative gov't that released a large number of unprepared persons with disabilities out of Mitchener Centre only to walk the streets of Red Deer.
  3. I responded this way to this particular poster for a reason. If you read some of his posts you'll have an understanding of what we're dealing with here. And I wish I was paid for responding honestly.
  4. That's a bit facile. More correctly but just as facile is that Jesus = God was ratified at Nicea. The debate over the divinity of Christ centered around the two main groups, the othodox and the gnostics. The gnostics lost. But the belief of Christ Logos goes back to the 2nd century. Aftwer that though, the denate becomes one concerned about the substance of Christ. And this debate continues today between the Eastern and Roman Churches. There is as much evidence for my claim as the one most people buy into. Look carefully into the council of Nicea. Wikipedia states: The purpose of the council was to resolve disagreements in the Church of Alexandria over the nature of Jesus in relationship to the Father; in particular, whether Jesus was of the same substance as God the Father or merely of similar substance.
  5. No doubt you'd read it if it were in comic book form and you had someone over the age of twelve to explain the big words to you. Is that a denial?
  6. Teenager rant. Nothing more. Tim Ho's apologized, let's get on with life.
  7. Who do I worship/pray to? They can't answer that g. Kinda invalidates their entire argument don't ya think?
  8. newbie


    Yeah, real intelligent - when all else fails bash her looks over what she has to say. Reminds me of elementary school.
  9. I think the following is an interesting observation of Taoism and Confucianism (from wikipedia): Popular Taoism typically presents the Jade Emperor as the head deity. Intellectual ("elite") Taoists, such as the Celestial Masters sect, usually present Laozi (Laojun, "Lord Lao") and the Three Pure Ones at the top of the pantheon. In particular Taoist systems, Hong-jun lao-zu (鸿钧老祖 or 鸿元老祖, the great primal originator) is the common ancestor/teacher of all the deities. It is debatable whether Confucianism should be called a religion. While it prescribes a great deal of ritual, little of it could be construed as worship or meditation in a formal sense. Confucius occasionally made statements about the existence of other-worldly beings that sound distinctly agnostic and humanistic to European and American ears. Thus, Confucianism is often considered an ethical tradition and not a religion. And of Scientology this little gem: The Church says that psychiatry was responsible for World War I, the rise of Hitler and Stalin, the decline in education standards in the United States, the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo, and the September 11 attacks. This "church" is nothing more than damaging science fiction, and a dangerous cult.
  10. Reforming it is waste of time even if you could. It would end being the same corrupt outfit it is now. Aaah, the power of positive thinking. Having said that, I'm all for reforming it.
  11. Now he's one guy I wish had used his moral sense instead of being responsible for 1000's of deaths.
  12. So how would you feel if Pat Robertson ran for President and won? Maybe even Jim Bakker. And now Mitt Romney is in the race and has openly made his Mormonism a part of his candidacy, right down to his mormon underware.
  13. And there you have it folks, full circle.
  14. I think the originator of this post has been reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.
  15. The last time I checked, committing adultery is the 7th commandment. A non-issue you say?
  16. Dewert has more moral right? How do you figure that? Clinton, Stonach, Chretien aren't on the pulpit every week lecturing morality, saying sinners may find themselves in hell.
  17. Bottom line here is I struck a nerve with betsy. She reacted as many Christians would when they perceive they are "under attack." They are the ones who have a problem when one of their own falls, and make all kinds of excuses (they're only human) for the behaviour. So when a non-Christian calls them on it, all of a sudden we're hate filled bigots. Nothing could be further from the truth. Christians just don't seem to like it when their hypocricies are revealed. Did I say I was somehow better than a Christian? Did I say I hated Christians? Did I say I was a bigot? Did I call others names in an attempt to belittle their argument? Was it irrational to point out Dewert's inconsistent behaviour?
  18. You are you condemning all the muslim world? A tad harsh don't you think?
  19. Actually, the point that's being ignored is that after years of being qualified enough to preach about morality, perhaps this person should have learned a thing or two. The point is that those who follow religion are no more moral than those who don't. Right on Cyber. Maybe your words will get through to those who seek only to attack (including those on this forum) and not live the tenets of their own faith.
  20. A definition of hypocrisy (some on this forum seem to need this): the act of pretending to have beliefs, virtues and feelings that one does not truly possess or an expression of agreement that is not supported by real conviction Dewert, during his romantic liaison, met this criteria. Thus, he merits the label hypocrite.
  21. Okay, enough is enough here. First of all dear Besty, I am male. Second, to claim Dicky boy was not a hypocrite because he happened to apologize and admit guilt is walking around with blinders on. And third, do you question everyone's sanity because they disagree with you?
  22. Having seen me on the Board, you've got to be f**ng kidding. Easy now big fella. Just cause you are seem to have a little knowledge of our great country, don't make any assumptions that your fellow Americans do. The truth is they don't seem to give a shit.
  23. Talk about milking a topic to death. My last post on this: Dewart screwed up, plain and simple. But his "fall from grace" is a little more significant given his position in the church. This little fact you seem to overlook. If you can't see the hypocrisy in that go ahead and live in your rose coloured world. Like I said earlier, I call as I see 'em.
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