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  1. Unfortunately the Liberals and PCs want to hurt the poor. That someone who gets hurt are the poor and disabled in this province. They both are planning to cut back on what the disabled poor get per month in disability allowance. They want to do this so more money can flow upward to the richest people. The richest people would like nothing more than to have the disabled poor people go away and die so they wouldn't have to pay them anymore monthly benefits. Its a terrible situation.
  2. Every citizen is entitled to their own opinion and free expression of as long as it doesn't involve anything hateful.
  3. If the government provided more money to people on social assistance and disability there wouldn't be any need for a food bank to be used regularly every month like it is now. People have to use it month after month as a regular part of their food shopping. Its sad that in a country like Canada where corporations can get billions of dollars every year and we can send billions in foreign aid that we cannot take care of our own poor and disabled people properly. Even if they gave a food voucher/card worth $100 would be a huge help but they don't. Yet they can waste billions on ORNGE, E-health, closing gas plants. It's disgusting.
  4. Yet we have people in Canada on social assistance who are starving and cannot eat properly. We need to sort that out first before helping anyone else out. Single adults on welfare are given $606 to pay rent, buy food, pay bills etc. This is no where near enough money to do this. People on disability have it a little better but not by much. It's disgusting that we cannot give our poor a livable allowance.
  5. The public sector unions wield far too much power in this province. If it's not the teachers, it's the LCBO, if it's not them it's the garbage men...and on and on and on.
  6. This outcome was quite surprising given the fact that the media and other various spin doctors have been calling for the Liberal demise for months.
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