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  1. Hey Keep', he's a Lieberal, remember. And after paying into our EI fund all of his working life he should be an expert at it right? As to taxes, one side of his yap sz yes the other sz no. Again, he's a Lieberal, dats how dey talk. Ah, the Convenient Canadian
  2. Molly, in the town I come from, St Joeseph's Hospial no longer exists. Other than that I agree with you, one school system for everyone. One central language spoken with courses available in 2nd languages for those who want to take them. Religion should not be in the curriculum, than again nor should social engineering, ie 2 mommys, 2 daddys.
  3. Supply and demand. They control the supply and incite the demand. It's a game being played by the oil/gas/broker/cabal, period.
  4. Gas is about $3.90 for a Canadian gallon right now, way too high. The politicians and media talk about everything else affecting the economy but forget about the liquid gold. Not only has it reduced our disposable income but think of how it's upped the transportation cost of the consumables we buy. Those increased costs have been passed on to us further reducing our disposable income as well as our buying power. The stimpacks that will be handed out will do nothing if the cost of fuel remains high. If the oil/gas/broker/speculator cabal starts it's ratchet dance upward again, they might as well flush the money, our money, down the toilet.
  5. Hey, the Convenient Canadian already wood the heck out of Progressive Tory, what else does he need?
  6. Appeasing Quebec Is the correct answer in my opinion. I also believe that outside PQ english should be our official language, it's lopsided as hell right now. Quebec isn't really bilingual, even the House of Commons isn't bilingual. As an old guy who may not be around to see it I think that the future will be a linguistic minefield. Sooner or later our newest Canadians will be wanting in on the action, that should be fun.
  7. After seeing what the oil/gas/broker/speculator cabal has done to our economy I'd say turf capitalism.
  8. Without a doubt. How about those illegal migrants too?
  9. Martin forced his cabinet(shadow) to vote in favour of ssm, period. Remember the cabinet minister who was fired for blabbing classified stuff on a plane? Andy Scott was his name, sent back to the benches, FF to the Justice Committee on the definition of marriage. It wasn't going well for the Liberals, so Courchon yanked two committee members and replaced them with known ssm supporters. One of whom later stole an expensive ring for his boyfriend. A vote was called to end the committee after the three Ontario judges approved SSM. It didn't look good for a yes with the liberal Lee supposedly against ssm and the deciding vote. Suddenly he was called from the room. They wouldn't wait for his return and the tie vote was cast. The chairman cast the deciding vote, and the ssm side won. Two seconds later Lee entered the room ansd said aw shucks. The chairman was non other than Andy Scott and for his good work was awarded another cabinet posting. Stomach turning Liberal hypocrisy
  10. No harper fan here, but integrity? he has more in his little finger then the`hole Liberal party
  11. OK as long as the other Canadian splashes are there too. Was trying to wath a Montreal conference on "trying to have the French language for anything and everything" It wa a speakover in English , Thomas Mulclair(spelling?)was sitting on the panel. I first believed it was an English/French debate, you know the one where everybody must be bilingual. But a thought occured, with the amount of immigration in todays Canada I believe these folks may well be concerned that other groups will be insisting that their languages be recognized.
  12. Free vote my a$$. Jackboot Layton whipped the Dippers, Martin whipped his cabinet. Both those scumbags lost good people over it. The Bloc was also whipped, Harper was the only one to allow the "free" vote On what planet was the TV you were watching?
  13. Hey now, I can't recall the question of the eighties but I clearly recall the HofC voting for the original definition of marriage with an overwhelming majority and that was in 1999. And the SCof C did not change anything really, they opined and sent it back to the HofC to be voted on. The piliticians and their so-called "free vote" is what made the change. Given what I witnessed in that whole fiasco, I say that the jury is way out on the issue of polygamy.
  14. Moral, we won't know for sure until the attack ads surface or the election runup starts. Compass, sure he has, the Convenient Canadian has lived everywhere but here.
  15. Don't count your chickens before they're hatched VC The Convenient Canadian is an unknown quantity and who knows what's been hid in his closet. As said, it should be a real dog eat dog fight with Harper pretty well known and CC a mystery. A coronation, CC's already had his.
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