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  1. Higher wages at Tim Hortons will make Canada less attractive to skilled labour and the professional class too so they'll leave Canada too, so businesses will need to offer them higher wages too. The wage increase throughout the Canadian economy will undoubtedly affect exports.
  2. How much are you willing to pay for your timbit?
  3. I know of an Algonquin who converted to Islam if that's your concern. Do you propose a law against conversion? The Dark Ages all over again? And again, when testing for beliefs, litle prevents a person from lying and few CBSA officers have anywhere near the psychological qualifications for that kind of profiling.In fact, few psychiatrists do unless you're referring to in-depth analysis over an extended period and even then. Determining religious beliefs is not the same as diagnosing mental illness.
  4. Scrapping FPTP would strengthen the power of the party. I'd rather keep FPTP but remove party names ballots.
  5. A Liberal MP could vote pro life at any time. He'd just be cocked out of caucus and sit as an independent, that's all.
  6. But we're not a one-Party state so it doesn't matter.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/beta.ctvnews.ca/national/politics/2019/5/27/1_4439682.html
  8. No law requires anyone to run under a party banner. Independents have run and been elected as independents before.
  9. The PM has no coercive power over them beyond removing them from caucus after which they become independents, at least not legally anyway. What? He'll hire a hit man?
  10. How did Russell Williams fall through the cracks? He made it to commandant of one of Canada's most important air bases. If they're testing competence and willingness to follow orders, that's one thing, but good luck testing fundamental beliefs. Totally separate playing field there.
  11. Have you ever read about freight ships? If businesses can't higher workers here, they'll just move to where they can. Or do you propose protectionism too? Free trade and immigration are more closely linked than some care to admit.
  12. I passed basic and completed most of infantry training before they realized I wasn't a good fit. I was physically healthier than most except for a few but struggled mentally with living with the training platoon 24/7. Are you suggesting a nearly-year-long personality test?
  13. Only as members of the Liberal caucus. The worst he can do is remove them from caucus.
  14. I breezed through a DND personality test when I shouldn't have. I was a pacifist at the time, DND was hiring only infantry, I mouthed off some Hollywood lines about wanting to serve my country, and off to training I went.
  15. Only within the Liberal caucus. No law prevents a Liberal MP to vote his conscience. At most, Trudeau can remove him from caucus but he still keeps his seat and his vote in the House. Also, no one is forced to run under the Liberal banner, So Trudeau's powers are limited in the matter.
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