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  1. .....HEY HEY HEY HEY, COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE ASSHOLE!!!! Sorry posters, I was putting out the above article for you when all of a sudden this guy snatches my newspaper out of my hand and runs away with it. I think it was Greg. Shoot...............do any of you know the ending? Could you put it out here, I hear it was a great piece.
  2. I sure as hell don't worry about the NDP in B.C., under ANY circumstances. What I DO worry about is that if Paul Martin decides to hold off calling the election ..... by the fall the B.C. knuckleheads will realize that the war in Iraq was a "good thing" and will shower Harper with votes. That is my worry right across the land.
  3. On page 8 of this Sunday's NYT I found this jewel.The president of the International Peace Academy, David Malone, discusses the peacekeeping forces: He says: I remember how PROUD Jean Chretien was whenever he bragged about our "peacekeepers" and how that is only how he wanted to use our soldiers ... as peacekeepers. Now I don't feel so good. How about you? Are we the West's "cannon fodder"?
  4. I guess it must be my Slavic melancholy. I'd love to see him win one for his father.
  5. So what do you think about my original idea of yesterday where I muse that PM PM would possibly like to call it so it falls as close as possible to Father's Day so that he can dedicate this win to his dad. Does he have enough nostalgia in him to consider this?
  6. You know, there is a HUGE difference between "splitting up" with someone and "firewalling" oneself from someone. Splitting up is kind of romantic, visionary. Putting up firewalls is brutish and uncivilized. What a hick that Harper is. Like playfullfellow says ... " People are going to keep picking on Harper because he is fighting for the land of rednecks, hillbillies and illiterate farm boys "
  7. I don't GIVE a damn if the guy I elect is a "team player". That's for clerks in a bank or Wal Mart employees. And mediocre hockey players, of course. I want my guy to show vision & thought. Lucien did both. He will be remembered long after the hundreds of "team players" are retired on their wee pensions with their gold plated watchs.
  8. 11/ Bush - hires women for their brain power. Clinton - hires women for their blow power. By the way, I just finnished Karen Hughes' book "Ten Minutes From Normal". She's a tigress!
  9. Well in my native country, the Czech Repulic, and many other former communist countries, many of the old guard are now shining anew, as capitalists. For a good politician changing political sides is no different than it is for a good hockey player changing teams and sporting new colors, IMO. And as a good hockey player is immediately liked and appreciated by his new fans, so too should a good politician be. One of the best, Winston Churchill, was like a yo-yo, yet we all admire him.
  10. I agree. But John Kerry now says he wants to reverse that trend. He is accusing W's Republicans of steady losses of US jobs to low-wage countries. If that were true, I'd have to go along with Kerry on that one, I suppose. I had a riproaring fight with Jim (James McNulty) about that this morning. However, after he settled me down and persuaded me that in a country with over 140,000,000 workers only a measily 300,000 jobs ( that's only 1 in 500.. which is only 0.002%) were lost to low-wage countries since George W. Bush was elected to office.... I must say that Kerry is exaggerating, BIG TIME!!
  11. It sure would be awkward to call it so that it falls on Father's Day (Sunday, June 20), a day PM PM would dearly love to win and dedicate it to his dad. So the next best date is the next day, Monday June 21. And he'll still clink his glass with Sheila and say "Happy belated Fathers Day dad, this one's for you!" August1991 has a good bet going.
  12. So you're going with a 7 June election date? Just tell him to save his bucks!
  13. Missed your MacDonald article but I don't care because Don Martin told me personally, along with all of his readers in the NP newspaper today, that ... and I quote: And you know what they say ... "When Don Martin speaks, people listen" ... so be smart and put some bucks on that date, it will be the easiest money you have ever made. It will be for me, THAT'S for sure! After reading Norman Spector's article in the Vancouver Sun today, I'm really really sorry that I missed your MacDonald article. If it was as eye opening as my guy's was, I'd definitely save myself a bundle. Que sera sera.
  14. You don't even know what the term means, do you? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.....
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