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  1. It didn't say what was happening in the 14th century. It was the Little Ice Age. I don't think anyone is saying that CO2 is going to do that to the global climate.
  2. Is it possible to be obese without being fat?
  3. I am betting on 2.8 degrees by 2100. Nobody mentions CO2 resulting from unnecessary manufacturing due to planned obsolescence. GDP is Grossly Distorted Propaganda How much have American consumers lost on the annual depreciation of automobiles since Sputnik? Get an economist's opinion.
  4. There was a video in the post about it raining for 2 million years. Did you watch it?
  5. History is fiction with delusions of reality about the information that is always missing? LOL
  6. Bringing the climate of more than 5 million years ago into the discussion is somewhat ridiculous and doing it for more than 100 million years ago is utterly ridiculous. No one was trying to grow wheat, corn and rice to feed hundreds of millions of people back then. It has been from 2 to 4 million years since CO2 was this high. The cycles of Ice Ages has only been occurring for a couple of million years, maybe not much more than one. The Himalayan mountains did not exist 60 million years ago and their weathering is what pulled a lot of CO2 out of the atmosphere. So throwing up drivel about 200 million years ago is just a distracting waste of time. Is that your objective ?
  7. The person I was quoting said 97% of CO2 was natural and other unscientific nonsense. Fast natural change has been 1 degree C per 1000 years. We have gone up that much in 80 years. We have raised the CO2 in the atmosphere by 33%. Not much point in spending lots of time communicating with people about stuff that is easy to find if they were objectively interested.
  8. Yeah Right! Who provided the evidence that climate changed many times? How fast did it change?
  9. Sorry, I don't keep track that way. Could have been: Wake by Robert J Sawyer oh no, he is Canadian! Daemon & Freedom by Daniel Suarez America strikes back but that is an unAmerican name. LOL Island in the Sea of Time S.M. Stirling Oh no! Americans taking over the world, AGAIN! The Bobiverse Series by Dennis Taylor A CyberAmerican sent out to conquer the galaxy. These Americans must be stopped. Where are Bruce Lee and Sun Tzu when you really need them? Dauntless by Jack Campbell The usual interstellar war with humans and aliens and more aliens. Does it ever end? These aliens need to chill! Is anything other than science fiction entertaining?
  10. "Only planting trees can guarantee future forest fires."- Smokey the Bear
  11. All kinds of products. That is a very specific description. I repaired hi-hi stereo equipment before I switched to computers at IBM. I found it really annoying that working on the System 32 and 34 and Series One were less fun than Tandberg and Pioneer reel to reels and cassette decks. IBM produced this piece of shit called a Datamaster 23. It replaced the 5100. I had to write my own benchmarks since I never saw the word on any IBM documentation. I wrote a Bubble Sort and a Prime Numbers program in BASIC. The old computer was almost twice as fast as the new one on both benchmarks. I did LAN installations after leaving IBM. Who uses tape recorders anymore? Optical disks are no fun at all.
  12. How many years have YOU spent repairing what kind of technology?
  13. Sure, you can be impressed by economists who have not told you that they have been ignoring the depreciation of durable consumer goods since the end of WWII. But maybe you can say that is just a CLAIM and physics does not apply to durable consumer goods.
  14. So as soon as I perfect my virus that only kills White people and release it I can use you and Mises to justify my actions. LOL
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