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  1. This is a strange position. No more ciivl disobedience? No more conscientious objection? I dare say that requirement for strict adherence to laws is not a characteristic of democratic society, and if it is, then it is not limited to those societies. It is also amusing to claim that the international roder constitutes some kind of a democracy.
  2. Wha does "percentage of cases" mean? Degrees and credentials are emaningless. Most criminal defense aorneys, private of public, come from lesser schools or come out of top tier schools with crap grades. Something about that maverick personality that a criminal defense attorney should carry, comes out in education. I exclude elite white colar crim law firms from this. But what they practice is more akin to corporate law. but we digress. I return to my point, however, the flagship example you chose does not prove that which you hoped it would. In fact the existence of a private tier may improve the provision of publicly funded services to the indigent. I would posit same is true in American hospitals, where indigents benefit from subsidies paid by insured and/or wealthy clients. Heck I would argue Canada benefits from the fact that Americans pay the prices they pay - but that's another story.
  3. I join in that question. I should add I have many friends across several states who practice, some as PDs or equivalents, others as private attorneys. And all, coming from the trenches, would disagree with your view, some would in fact be deeply insulted. But hey, if you form your opinion based on media portrayals of outlier cases - well I suggest you don't come into the practice of law with that approach to method and analysis.
  4. Wrong. I am a lawyer in an American state. Most states have well developed public defender systems. The PD's are competent workhorses with ideological commitment. But we have a two tier systme. It seems to work okay. So there you go. Additionally: Personally I do private cases, and the money from those cases permits me to work at state rates when PD's are conflicted off. My ability to do private cases (Tier A) permits me to put the expertise I develop there to state paid PD-alternative cases(Tier B ). I would argue Tier B benefits from the private tier. This is analogous with doctors out here who charge high prices to those who can bear the cost but send some time working in free or charity clinics employing expertise paid for by the wealthy.
  5. Wha!?! Canada no do wrong!?! http://www.oxfam.org.au/explore/mining/our-work-with-communities/marinduque-island-the-philippines
  6. Hmm... that's the only idea of his that I like.
  7. What is not mentioned by you, apparently, is that the academic misconduct consisted of severe plagarism and other acts of academic dishonesty. The firing was a result of a multi-month investigation. But - whatever.
  8. My, how regional that map looks. First past the post system - two party, unless regionalism is tearing a country apart. The Tories' nuclear option - let the Scots figure out if they want to spin off their ultra-welfare state.
  9. I am sure someone has pointed this out already, but this is obviously an attempt to help out Spain, Portugal, Greece and Southern Italy by subsidizing British and German tourists with British and German money.
  10. Well - during the Bush years Canadians often said (while wreathed in their characteristic smugness) they hated the Pres but not rank an file Americans - despite the fact that they are boorish, ugly and arrogant. I guess the findings here are consistent then.
  11. In fact there were neither Russians nor Georgians involved in last year's war. On one side you had Ukrainian nationalists killing off ostensibly allied Georgian villagers, and on the other chornozhupy blacks from Amerika prtending to be Georgian soldiers. All overseen by German jews seeking to stir up trouble so their banks could further enrich themselved. Russians and Georgians are really best of friends.
  12. Not to mention the righteous man said some terrible things about Negroes.
  13. Don't take him at his word. He also believs Jews have been occupying palestinian land since 1948 - the implication - there shouldn't be an Israel. He doesn't acknowledge their right to exist, he is just willing to allow that for now at least - that battle has been lost. It's called incrementalism - '67 borders today, no Israel tomorrow. The Zionism canard never fails to amuse me. It is so transparent. "Zionism" is just a special word given to jewish nationalism - because as in everything else they must be singled out. When some anti-semite tells me he just criticizes the Zionists, he is really telling me he dislikes any Jew uppity enough to desire a homeland. Is there a special word for Kurdish nationalism? Czech?
  14. Well - there was that tainted blood scandal. Look - you're an ignoramus - as demonstrated by your continued need to be educated on pretty much everything. Why don't you look those countries up yourself?
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