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  1. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/supreme-court/supreme-court-rules-trump-cannot-kicked-colorado-ballot-rcna132291


    "In an unsigned ruling with no dissents, the court reversed the Colorado Supreme Court, which had determined that Trump could not serve again as president under Section 3 of the Constitution's 14th Amendment.

    The provision prohibits those who previously held government positions but later “engaged in insurrection” from running for various offices."


    There is no denying that Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive in various State courts as others besides Colorado also had similar rulings.  They are going to have to go back to the drawing board, obviously.  The recent Illinois ruling comes to mind. 



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  2. 9 hours ago, Nationalist said:

    Brandon's stupidity has caused 5.7% inflation overall. That's the 3rd highest ever.

    You can scream and howl all you like about GDP, but it's inflation where the rubber meets the road.

    Anyone who can think critically can see that inflation has been much higher than that.  And they’ll simply change the definition when needed, like what constitutes a recession, for instance.

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  3. 8 hours ago, myata said:

    Once in a while human folk wants to lose its rational mind and go dancing wildly in the dark. I'm not sure if there's a theory to this end. But the examples, facts are just too many to discard. There's something given, unavoidable about that. Has to be in the genes.

    The choice in the coming election is just as simple as that. One is unpleasant, not very rational. Honestly, I can't understand why the Democrats insist on the same course that keeps failing: at the time when the people are looking for a change, a new course come up with the candidate as deeply rooted in the status quo, as practically possible. Doesn't make any rational sense, to me. Not smart, and unpleasant.

    The other one, on the other hand, is just insane. There's not one sane, rational argument to choose that based on the body of facts that's growing with the speed of an avalanche. It carries every risk imaginable.

    So the test this time around is simple. No innocent ignorance or confusion. For some reason the Time is smiling on this humanity this time around - or giving it the last chance? Unpleasant and boring? Or plain insane? Sorry, no other options on this menu. You choose.

    Pre WWII Britain faced an uncertain future, and wisely chose Chamberlain who gave them "Peace In Our Time".

    What they really needed was a Churchill, but they didn't know it.  They found out though.

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  4. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/who-could-be-next-largest-canadian-pension-fund-sells-manhattan-office-tower-1

    "Canada Pension Plan Investment Board has recently done three deals at deeply discounted prices, selling its interests in a pair of Vancouver towers, and a business park in Southern California, but it was its Manhattan office tower redevelopment project that shocked the industry: the Canadian asset manager sold its stake for just $1. The worry now is that such firesales will set an example for other major investors seeking a way out of the turmoil too…"



  5. 37 minutes ago, robosmith said:

    IDK what "tizziness" is, but it might mean that I find Qanon very odd on verge of insane.

    You seem to take it more seriously, which means you might be on the verge of insane.

    How about it? Do you take Qanon seriously?

    To be honest with you, I always found it too obscure and such.  People referring back to a Q post from 2018 AND IT HAD THE NUMBER 235 IN IT!  THAT MEANS THAT TODAY WILL SEE...whatever their busy little minds came up with. 

    No no, the people I listen to you would really like until you found out the source of their knowledge and intel.  They are telling me this is a year of many woes and joys.  Failures and freedom.  Fear.  Rage.  Devolving into a new start maybe.  There are a lot of uncertainties and the stakes are way too high.  Whatever happens, you stay safe, okay?

  6. 2 hours ago, Rebound said:

    That’s not what happened in the Trump case. 
    Trump’s home in his tower is 10,000 sq feet. Trump repeatedly stated that it was 30,000.  He added five floors to his buildings.   This isn’t “negotiable”.  He knew the square footage and then number of floors.  

    The judge said he accepted that there’s a subjective aspect of evaluations and a 20% variance is not unreasonable.  And that’s exactly what you’re arguing — 20%.  Judge said 20% is no problem. Trumps exaggerations were far greater. 

    Surely there is more to the case than that, a dscrepency that goes back to 1994.  That the banks and corporations Trump did business with had 30 years to do something about but never did.  In fact, banks testified FOR Trump in the case, defending him.  And if you can think critically, you can see that this isn't worth a 350,000,000 fine, plus interest.  If he had done something illegal he would have been charged decades ago.

    So please, tell me the rest of the case, or at least what the MSM is saying.

  7. On 2/24/2024 at 9:43 AM, sharkman said:

    Okay folks, you’ve been flinging poo at each other for this entire thread, just like most of these threads.  WHAT DOES IT ACCOMPLISH??

    Back to the thread topic, I think that if truckers boycott NY it would be a shame, because it would hurt the common people.  But I understand the outrage.  The truckers may bring commerce to a halt.

    All real estate tycoons in NY operate the same way for which Trump was found guilty.  And just as Trudeau freezing bank accounts in Canada, this court decision in NY has caused an unintended earthquake.  No one wants to be the next found guilty for doing business in New York.  

    If I was Trump I’d let them seize his properties.  Let that sink in among the wealthy, they’ll leave New York in droves. 

    5 days ago I suggested that the wealthy would leave NY in droves.  And it looks like this ridiculous ruling against Trump is indeed waking up wealthy business owners.  Because that judge made it illegal to negotiate with a bank.

    Lets say you want a loan to build a new skyscraper.  You own one already, and go to the bank for a loan against your property because you want to build another one. 

    You put your property at a worth of 500 million.  The bank says no, it’s only worth 450 million.  So you negotiate with the bank and come up with a number that both AGREE on.  And you get the loan.

    Every single business person that wants to borrow against their business does this.  The banks do this.  Now in NY, any business’s past negotiations can be deemed illegal.

    This is 100 times worse than what Trudeau did when he had citizen’s bank accounts seized.  It has singlehandedly changed the game for doing business in NY.

    And this realization has spread across the nation.  Independent truckers have every right to  decline a load they don’t want to haul.  The governor of NY better wake the hell up if she thinks trying to seize bank accounts and homes will help the situation.

  8. 7 hours ago, Moonbox said:

    Warren Buffet also just explained why he has a huge pot of cash on the sidelines.  Did you read what he said?  

    Let me say it again since you seem to have missed it.  Actions speak louder than words.  Let me also add:  sometimes the truth is so precious, she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.  That's a Churchill quote.

    Someone like a Buffet can usually never release the truth, or the whole truth, or nothing but the truth.  Everything is measured through what his competitors may or may not do with it.  Let's face it, at his level he is engaged in a form of economic warfare with his competitors.  As is Dimon.  As is Bezos.  As is Zuckabuck.  As is Bil Gates.  As is Elon Musk and the rest of them.  These folks also have to measure their words and actions with an eye on what the public will do as a result.  "Buffet says sell!!!"  I'm sure you can imagine what can go wrong.

    He, as the rest, always play with their cards held close to their chest.  As far as that goes, these folks may even take actions as a feint to fool others, much like a skillful politician.  Lets face it, billions of dollars of profits are at stake.  And they are all mostly getting into a strong cash position.  That speaks loudly, moonbox.  Hopefully you can realize this.

    BTW, why didn't you link Buffet's quote that you were referring to?  No I haven't heard what his latest comments are, but there are quotes from 3 days ago, today, and other releases.  I'm not going to read them all, trying to winnow out which one you are referring to. 



  9. On top of Warren Buffet having a huge pot of cash on the sidelines, apparently Jeff Bezos, Jamie Dimon and Mark Zuckerberg have recently sold off stock that totals 9 billion.

    Actions speak louder than words.  And the above people have picked up on something to come that has them moving billions in preparation.  They are going to swoop in when the time is right and make a killing.


  10. Okay folks, you’ve been flinging poo at each other for this entire thread, just like most of these threads.  WHAT DOES IT ACCOMPLISH??

    Back to the thread topic, I think that if truckers boycott NY it would be a shame, because it would hurt the common people.  But I understand the outrage.  The truckers may bring commerce to a halt.

    All real estate tycoons in NY operate the same way for which Trump was found guilty.  And just as Trudeau freezing bank accounts in Canada, this court decision in NY has caused an unintended earthquake.  No one wants to be the next found guilty for doing business in New York.  

    If I was Trump I’d let them seize his properties.  Let that sink in among the wealthy, they’ll leave New York in droves. 

  11. 19 hours ago, August1991 said:

    And RoboSmith, you too will be stringing together posts. 

    Well, his point on Putin just doesn’t make sense.  Putin had Navalny killed because of an “election next month”.   But that would be so obvious and enrage the voting public that one of their options had been murdered, no?

    Of all the things that Putin may or may not be, stupidity is not one of them.  There is no way he would have lasted this long by being stupid.  Killing a political opponent before an election, after letting him live for years and years does not add up.  If Putin wanted him dead, the guy would have died long ago.  Putin didn’t want a martyr.

    Navalny’s death was not due to Putin, regardless of what the nonsensical MSM says.

  12. 57 minutes ago, Moonbox said:

    I was just going from memory.  The point was that gold hit a low back in 2000 that hadn't been seen since the 1970's, and using that as a starting point for performance is a cherry-pick that's misleading.  As I explained, gold is worth almost 20% less today than it was in 2011, while the S&P has quadrupled in that time.  

    As I said, Warren Buffet is a value stock-picker.  He looks for stocks that are profitable, and priced well.  Right now, the market is priced at the top (too high).  It is difficult for Berkshire Hathaway to find value in that environment, so they let money sit in bonds or cash and wait for the market to correct downward amidst a (likely) light/moderate/short recession.  At that point, he'll load back up on the cheap.  

    He's not predicting doom for the economy.  

    Gold is not worth 20% less today than it was in 2011.  Gold peaked around 1930 in 2011.  Or what am I missing?

    I’m not really concerned about gold as much as the hoarding of it by various nations.  

  13. 2 hours ago, Moonbox said:

    They just roll it over or issue new debt to cover it.  They can, and they will.  

    All true, and these are drags on the economy, but interest rates are going to go down, and American institutions own most of the debt.  Social security, for example, own almost half of it. 

    I suspect you won't even notice it.  

    Individual company layoffs are irrelevant compared to the aggregate data, which BLS posts.  For every one of those layoffs, there were new hires and more.  

    We've already discussed this, and it's a nothingburger, mostly pushed by pariah states like Russia, North Korea and Iran.  China and India aren't interested in a BRICS currency, so the project is dead in the water. 

    As for gold prices, the only reason that number looks so good is because in the year 2000, gold prices plummeted to their lowest levels in 60 years.  Pick a different starting point, and the S&P outperforms gold easily.  Since 2011, gold has lost 15% of its value.  In the same time, the S&P 500 grew +400%.  

    Not sure why you think gold’s 60 year low was the year 2000. Check the 1970’s, 1960’s, and so on. It’s average value in 1972 was 58.17 for instance.  And today it’s 2030.

    I hope you are right about the rest of it…Warren Buffett seems more pessimistic than you.

  14. 1 hour ago, Moonbox said:

    For someone who's so focused on it, you don't seen to have anything concrete to say about it.  The BTFP was a short-term emergency measure.  I suspect when it ends, things will proceed much as they did before it was implemented.  What do you think will happen?  

    I'm not hyper focused on it, but keeping track of several things that are all pointing in the same direction. 

    -The US Gov will have to pay back 8.9 trillion in maturing US treasuries this year.  They can't do it.

    -US debt to GDP is dangerously high.  There is less interest in buying US treasuries.

    -US debt is over 34 trillion, annual interest is over 1 trillion, annual deficits are around 1.7 trillion.  Historic.

    -US interest rates are greatly impacting real estate, auto purchases and consumer debt.

    -The aforementioned BTFP ends on March 11.  Regional banks will be hurting over this.

    -Captains of industry(Warren Buffet, Jamie Dimon, MIchael Burry) are preparing for something big.

    -The BLS announces over 300K new jobs, as Google, Zerox, Wayafair, Ebay, Paypal, Charles Schwab, UPS, Citigroup all announce MAJOR layoffs.

    -BRICS is rapidly moving away from any oil trading in US dollars, the world reserve currency.

    -They've developed their own SWIFT like system, neatly circumventing sanctions levied against them

    -They are developing their own gold backed currency, and hoarding gold in anticipation of this.

    -Since 2000, gold has increased an average of 7.8% per year, better than the S&P or the bond markets.


    There are more indicators, but none of it looks good.  It appears that we are headed for a serious recession or worse.  My parents were able to prepare for the 1980 recession, and they had to renew a mortgage during that time.  Many family friends did not heed warnings, and then went bankrupt during that time, losing everything.  I don't know for sure what we are facing, it is better to be prepared, just in case.  Like Warren Buffet is.

  15. I’ve been focusing on the US as they impact Canada far more than Japan.  For instance, on March 11 the Bank Term Funding Program ends.  Ever heard of it?  BTFP, a little program that has been keeping smaller banks afloat.

    Will they extend it?  Can they afford to?  What will happen to these smaller banks as they can no longer meet their obligations?  What will these effects do to public confidence?  All very interesting questions.

  16. Putin never killed Navalny.  It make’s absolutely no sense, either.  To kill an opponent when you are in the afterglow of a historic  interview with Tucker, which swept the globe.  

    If he was going to have him killed, it would have been years ago.  He didn’t  because Putin didn’t want a martyr.  It was just dumb luck that Navalny died.

    And Biden is certainly trying to ruin his opponent, I never thought of it this way.  But it’s more likely that Biden’s handlers, whomever they are, are masterminding the Trump effort.  Biden probably wears diapers at this point, and can’t string 3 sentences together let alone quarterbacking a legal, political and media campaign against the orange man.

  17. 5 hours ago, godzilla said:

    Kevin O’Leary says he will no longer invest in ‘loser’ New York after Trump verdict

    my favourite shill of a "successful" business investor... made all of his money from selling a worthless holding during the internet bubble. peddles FTX like a snake oil salesman and now expects people to believe this cruft.

    he's like Trump in many ways... a successful business man as "played on tv".

    Easy does it big fella, starting too many threads in a single day may be biting off more than even your cavernous Godzilla mouth can chew.

    For instance, here you are making broad pronouncements on a business tycoon who has been just a tiny bit more successful than you.

    Or are you a multimillionaire, big guy, eh?  Keep trying…

  18. 42 minutes ago, Moonbox said:

    Yes, everyone else is emotional here, not the smooth-brain spamming caps and exclamation marks.  🤡


    That’s right, moonbox, You’re nothing but a drive by.  You’ve got nothing to refute the argument so you try to change the subject instead.

    And NATO knows that Russia isn’t collapsing, almost 2 years after you started this thread about Russia collapsing.  Otherwise they wouldn’t be suggesting a new Russian attack.  

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