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  1. See what I mean? Conservatards are all angry little children who can't accept reality. Nope, I just accept that they're the lesser evil. They're the adults in the room who, for all their flaws, can do the job.
  2. When Hillary lost, she didn't throw an insane tantrum, but Trump did. I don't like the DNC, but at least they're not batshit loons that became totally detachted from reality.
  3. Oh no, I agree conservatives are alright with some forms of change. I'm saying that when a change happens that they don't like, they can't accept that the nation wanted that change, because that would mean the nation is wrong (to them). And that goes against the narrative that country X is the best country ever. That's why when a change happens that conservatives don't like, they have to blame it on a foreign element like marxist Jews from Frankfurt. Most people believe that values are maintained through force in the form of laws. What does woke mean? ?
  4. Notice how this was just a random person. This no way represents an establishment. However, on the Right, the entire establishment actually is this insane. The way Trump reacted when he lost was even worse than this random-ass person. And that sums up politics in America. There are lunatics in all groups. But only on the Right are the lunatics the majority.
  5. Sometimes kids do what they want any way, sometimes they don't. The fact that we still live under a patriarchy means that gender roles still control the lives of way too many people. Yes, I'm sure you have plenty of anecdotal evidence, I'm sure each one is more real than the last. The reality is that lots of kids grow up being afraid of breaking gender roles. This is especially true of boys, because if they do girly things, they're called weak or gay. Respond to me, not the voices in your head. Do I really need to start listing studies that prove gender roles still affect people? Like can you stop the bad faith anti-reality arguments?
  6. No, I'm calling out your dishonesty. The Right knows that the word "grooming" has sexual overtones, so they use it any time they're trying to demonize people who teach kids. If a teacher is teaching kids that it's ok to be different, and you fascists want to demonize that teacher, you'll say they're grooming those kids. I think trannies teaching kids that it's ok to be different and ignore gender roles is good.
  7. True, but this goes against a vital part of conservatism. Conservatism relies on your country being the greatest country ever with the greatest people ever. The only way bad social change can happen is if some outside entity forces the change, since the people would never want to change tradition. This is why conservatives are so quick to believe in conspiracy theories about Jews, Masons, Marxists, the Illuminati, in all cases a foreign group has forced change on the nation.
  8. Little kids do, then they're taught "that's not for boys/girls." Society conditions kids since birth that they have to do either "girl things" or boy things." Drag Queen Story Hour is good because it says, bump that, do what you want. The reason Republicans are obsessed with trans people and drag queens now is to distract from economics, but conservativism as an ideology and movement has always been against these things because they question the patriarchy. Part of conservatism is the idea that gender roles must be enforced. But drag queens, gay people, and trans people all debunk the argument that we need enforced gender roles to have a functioning society. Most of them don't. They're not. Drag Queen Story Hour isn't about sex, you creepy weirdo.
  9. So when you say "grooming," you really just mean any kind of education for children. Like teaching kids to read, that's grooming. They can't make you learn. Learning is woke.
  10. Doesn't most everyone believe that? Isn't that the point of laws? I think the only people who would disagree are anarchists.
  11. Illinois is actually one of the better states. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_and_territories_by_Human_Development_Index https://worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings/quality-of-life-by-state
  12. They actually want to arrest us for stealing tons of classified documents and showing them to Kid Rock. Trump is just in the way. And remember, if they can hold Trump accountable, they can hold anyone accountable!
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