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  1. As usual ... your comments are nonsensical and never based in, logic, since any member of ANTIFA will promise you two (2) things and those are to 1)never vote for Donald Trump and 2)dedicate yourself to Globalism de Ashkenazim. And yes it is your right to deceitfully claim The Republican Party is a terrorist organization, but just remember, everyone here sees these proofs of your nonsensical mindset: -Trump sent his DOJ after the prosecutor in the Ahmaud Arbery case, faster than Obama sent his DOJ after the prosecutor in the Michael Brown case. -Minnesota refused to charge the cop with murder until after, I repeat, after Trump sent his DOJ in to display "purview" to the Prosecutor's office that was upholding White supremacy for Derek Chauvin. Veraciously, riots in USA cities started only after Prosecutor refused to charge the other cops. -Trump just recently demanded Congress send him a bill to sign (18dec2019) that gives $250M/year to HBCU and negro farmers facing market racism. -And I don't think these young negros here received your dumb, deceitful memo that The Republican Party is a terrorist org:
  2. Here's a proof, that multitudes of White cops are perfecting their Racism without the use of racial epithets: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/nation/fbi-white-supremacists-in-law-enforcement And @Boges is correct that the killings caused the riots looting vandalism etc since it is a, totality-strategy now since 2014, to show America what will happen now everytime racist White cops kill unarmed darkskinned Black people. There's only one type of cop who kills unarmed citizens. Moreover, redlining is exactly executed along racial lines. Remember now, Race always overrides Class. Check this out: https://www.brookings.edu/blog/the-avenue/2020/02/20/bloombergs-comments-on-redlining-distort-a-history-of-racism/
  3. IN all due respect, this might give the impression that you agree with @Marocc regarding Equality being about a state of mind. When you say that one requirement has to be a society where people are free to choose their religion and their way of life, in a manner that doesn't infringe on other citizens, it went hand-in-hand with where she posted that creating a society where people are equal requires a change in attitudes. Since it requires a change in attitudes, in order to allow a society where people are free to choose their religion and their way of life in a manner that doesn't infringe on other people.
  4. OH, well of course my title makes no sense ---to members with a limited mental capacity! lol--- and since you tend to only understand your own "garbage" posts then maybe the videos here of Trump's airplanes are just a little too, intelligent, for you to comprehend why those planes would work so efficiently in China's Lianhua Mtns and yes I do love you as well, brother.
  5. You waited two (2) weeks, to reply here on topic. I will respect that pattern which you created. So I'll be back in ten (10) days to respond
  6. Now that, is their quintessential rallying cry in supporting the MSM lol!
  7. Yes, a 100% quid pro quo. And for how many months, did the Dems know he said that??!!! And still Impeached Trump for putting the spotlight on it...
  8. I am not allowed to respond to you trolling my posts in here. See, look:
  9. real, subtle Russian bot? Is that ... like ...an...oxy-moron?!!!
  10. Thank you, for steering clear of that discussion thread with this jaded hallucination you posted here. Biden imitation Blackspeak was aimed at an authentic, ancient, verified subjugation in USA politics which no Islamic nor homosexual nor feminist movements can ever relate to. You owe our great negro citizenry an, apology, for this harlequinade you posted here.
  11. This is powerful, but it is a very nonsensical theme you published here. There's already an exact movement like this underway, for a decade, and it's called the BRICs nations but go notice how many nations refuse to join in since it launched nearly 2 decades ago. Your fundamental, fatal, flaw is that you did not consider how most of those countries you are referring to, greatly depend on the USA for social aid $$$ and humanitarian relief $$$ and most of all they need USA military protection from rogue regimes. Therefore it's not about why they won't just stop using the USD, no not at all, that is because it's all about how they love the USD so they refuse to stop using it lol.
  12. Are you trolling in here? lol Don't worry tho, I won't report you to the mod (like Dem members here like to do) ---for you discussing rape in here. And that's because you are right, rape does not matter politically. But what Biden did here yesterday, does matter politically. And what Biden did when he wiped out and entire generation of inner-city Black males (1996-2014) with his 1994 Crime Bill, does matter today. Did you watch the interview? Did you see how Biden refused to answer any questions about the racist crime bill he wrote? That, matters politically. And Black voters need to know this about Biden. Kamala Harris put just as many Blacks in the criminal justice system, as Bidens' 1994 Crime Bill! lol. Now that is vile. You say Trump is vile, but...does Trump have a bill like Biden wrote?...which locked away Black males, exclusively, with draconian sentencing laws for non-violent crime? How about Kamala as CA's prosecutor?? Did Trump do what she did, to Black citizens?? If not, please explain how Trump is vile here ---by never mistreating Black citizens the way Biden mistreats them like we witnessed yesterday.
  13. Joe Biden Biden told Black America, basically, that he owns the Black vote ... lol ... and now Black voters are outraged!! I've included several famous Black's who are outraged at Biden over his comments. Here you go, if you don't know of their words or even the condescending remarks he made to the Black host: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-torn-him-and-trump-aint-black-in-dust-up-with-charlamagne-tha-god https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fmr-sanders-campaign-co-chair-nina-turner-rips-biden-saying-you-own-the-black-vote-is-the-highest-insult https://www.foxnews.com/media/bet-founder-slams-biden-over-comment-on-black-voters https://www.foxnews.com/media/jemele-hill-biden-you-aint-black-remark-accurate https://www.foxnews.com/media/trump-campaign-senior-adviser-biden-you-aint-black-comment-dehumanizing https://www.foxnews.com/media/marc-lamont-hill-biden-black-voters ...
  14. Nothing. iow the same thing that can stop illegal imms receiving old, former residents' ballot in the mailbox of their new refugee home. Fill it out. Voting for Globalists. Ballot slips through the vetting cracks once it gets processed.
  15. It is not projection when you can honestly, agree, that we can point to at least four (4) illegal major actions by the Dems in their effort to take down President Trump. The Dems have shown that they refuse to respect fairness, as a fact, so you have to assume there is a sinister plan behind the Dem's mail-in ballot mission. They've earned that distrust, even if you refuse to ever discuss those horrid events lately.
  16. Actually trademarkedly as D-cubed or 'D<sup>3</sup>' if this website had subscript embed lol
  17. ROFL @ Trudeau currently having no, Conscience, in his relentless deranged obedience to the USA Dems' CoronaVirus instruction manual.
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