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  1. So you implied it was all about Islam, but clearly they had a lot in mind. A lot that you and I know nothing about.
  2. The very first thing they did was kill Jews in Europe, though.
  3. Yes. Hijab is prohibited in public schools at least.
  4. Like their right to wear niqab and hijab.
  5. Problem is France is taking fundamental rights away from people just due to their irrational fear of Islam.
  6. Erdoğan said Macron needs some sort of mental treatment over his attitude toward Muslims in France.
  7. Disputed? No. It is a fabricated and therefore a rejected hadith. What you quoted says no such thing, obviously. "As regards the allegation about the story or Umm Qirfa (...)"and the source of the narration is Muhammad ibn ‘Umar Al-Waaqidi, who was accused of lying (...) both of them narrated it from Muhammad ibn Is-haaq who did not mention the chain of narrators of this narration. To conclude, the narration is not authentic so it is not permissible to use it as evidence.” (...) Also, Al-Haafith Ibn Hajar classified this narration, (...) as Dha’eef [weak], (...) it is known that an interrupted Hadeeth is classified among the categories of Dha’eef [weak] Ahaadeeth. Al-Haafith Az-Zayla'i also classified it as Dha’eef in his book (...) However, it was said that Sa’eed did not meet Abu Bakr, so this narration is interrupted.” Moreover, Zayd ibn Haarithah is an honorable man who would not do such a thing to that woman, not to mention that mutilating the body of a killed person is forbidden in Islam." https://www.islamweb.net/en/fatwa/192983/weakness-of-narration-about-the-way-umm-qirfah-was-killed
  8. Your story is a fabrication. https://islamqa.info/en/answers/177694/the-story-of-the-killing-of-asma-bint-marwaan-is-false "As for the report about the slaying of ‘Asma bint Marwaan that is propagated by these liars, it is a fabricated report. It was narrated by al-Qadaa‘i in Musnad ash-Shihaab (856), al-Khateeb in at-Tareekh (13/99), Ibn ‘Asaakir in his Tareekh (51/244), and Ibn ‘Umar al-Harbi in his Fawaa’id (50), all via Muhammad ibn al-Hajjaaj al-Lakhami Abu Ibraaheem al-Waasiti from Mujaalid ibn Sa‘eed from ash-Sha‘bi from Ibn ‘Abbaas, who said: (...) This is an invalid isnaad and a fabricated report that was narrated by Muhammad ibn al-Hajjaaj of whom al-Bukhaari said: His hadeeth is to be rejected. Ibn Ma‘een said: (He is) an evil liar. Ad-Daaraqutni said: (He is) a liar; and on one occasion he said: He is not trustworthy. Mizaan al-I‘tidaal, 3/509 Ibn ‘Adiyy said: Muhammad ibn al-Hajjaaj fabricated the hadeeth about the woman who used to lampoon the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him), according to which when she was killed he (allegedly) said: “The validity of what you have done is something that no one could dispute.” End quote from al-Mawdoo‘aat by Ibn al-Jawzi 3/18 This hadeeth was also mentioned by Shaykh al-Albaani (may Allah have mercy on him) in ad-Da‘eefah (6013); he said it is fabricated (mawdoo‘) (...) This is a worthless isnaad. Imam Ahmad said concerning al-Waaqidi – whose name was Muhammad ibn ‘Umar ibn Waaqid – : He is a liar; he alters hadeeths. Ibn Ma‘een said: He is not trustworthy. On one occasion he said: His hadeeth is not to be written down. Al-Bukhaari and Abu Haatim said: He is matrook (rejected). Abu Haatim and an-Nasaa’i said: He fabricates hadeeth. Ibn ‘Adiyy said: His hadeeths are odd and problematic. Ibn al-Madeeni said: al-Waaqidi fabricates hadeeth. Mizaan al-I‘tidaal, 3/663 An-Nasaa’i said: The liars who are known for fabricating hadeeth are four: Ibraaheem ibn Abi Yahya in Madinah, al-Waaqidi in Baghdad, Muqaatil in Khorasan and Muhammad ibn Sa‘eed in Syria. End quote from Tahdheeb at-Tahdheeb, 9/163"
  9. I know of no school that has such uneducated teachers they would do such a thing. None. Education and sophistication has higher standards here than that. That has nothing to do with the murder. If macron, for instance, didn't keep inciting racism on the French media, France would be better off. They complain of a fire and keep pouring gasoline on it.
  10. What an incredibly foolish teacher. Maybe the French should learn some common decency?
  11. Born in Canada — Canadian, no? Most of them certainly are. Moving away for a number of years, doesn't take away citizenship. the truth is, it is the only sensible thing to do. One cannot (it would be difficult to) raise a child in an Islamic way in a western society. Your view is, the worse a Muslim, the better Canadian! But the truth is, the better a Muslim the better a human being. It seems you don't know what it means to be a good human being. Such is the state of Canada, huh?
  12. I hope you have other concerns for the women than just their sexual organs and the way they dress in public?
  13. Why, you don't like good citizens? Is there something about good, decent and useful people, that you just can't endure?
  14. I meant to emphathize that there is no verse that would make me feel uncomfortable. Of course I'm not sure who you're trying to trigger. Just saying.
  15. Well, you ought to know, I think the Qur'an is beautiful and perfect in every way. There is no verse in it that I wouldn't like to ponder.
  16. No. The Quran is only in Arabic.
  17. You should really use quotation marks, or alternatively, if you decide to twist the words, say it is your adulteration.
  18. Did no one comment at all on the Charlie Hebdo magazine? Really you people have been distracted. Now who will inform the world? Who will defend Canada? Who will protect your liberty??!
  19. It was brought up as though it was directly related to Muslims...
  20. I hadn't even thought of that. no, I never objected to the possibility that someone somewhere sometime was hit by a car.
  21. I've underlined what happened according to the translated article. And that's why they call it islamophobia. As if X nationality, skin colour and citizenship or lack of it equal being a Muslim. Some of you think you're above this thread, but the truth is you eat half of what they feed you.
  22. I'll simply assume it never happened. It is not my task to prove it didn't happen. It's the other way around. At the end of the day, I don't care.
  23. The story that you quoted by translator was significantly different from the one written by Robert Spencer. The former being true doesn't make the latter true. The former describes an accident with vague details, the latter describes a deliberate and cruel murder with specific, but unverified details, most likely stemming from Robert's vivid imagination. The question is, what kind of a person's spends their time inventing and describing horrific acts of violence?
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