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  1. I don't know. I suspect trump might flatter someone for failing just to keep them on the same road.
  2. No, decency is independent of the source of behaviour. It's mainly related to socialising. https://www.thefreedictionary.com/decency
  3. Why would I say something wrong? I know where decency starts and where it ends. Keep looking and know that you're not the only one lost.
  4. You think you're innocent of bigotry — I know.
  5. A compliment from trump is not necessarily a compliment.
  6. I got it. What automatically follows is that you support a dozen of other immoralities in the name of liberty. I kind of assumed that. That's the problem with disbelief.
  7. Because his tactic is working so well if success is measured by lives lost..
  8. "but when they talk about Islam, they always tell the truth. About everything else they lie..."
  9. Because..... Forums are illegal there?
  10. Don't the abortion clinics have enough people to put away the hundreds of thousands of fetuses? Maybe you should apply?
  11. Not triggering though think so..
  12. I have never stepped my foot in Canada and I don't plan to at this time. But don't worry, I'm sure there's plenty of people for you to be angry with for the rest of your life.
  13. Did I mention your lying before? Wait— you don't have any connection to Memri, do you? You'd fit right in. yes, if I could ban you and all you know the right to have an abortion because you "don't feel like having a child", I'd totally take that right away from you. I think most people trying to "subjugate" you like that, though, are Christians...
  14. I think we should ask Macron how much good the niqab ban has done to his country.
  15. Memri is best known for continuously lying, misquoting, misrepresenting, distorting and, of course, for being funded by Jews...
  16. This forum, I hope, is not the representation of Canadians as a nation. If it was, it would be doomed as one of the stupidest nations in existence. There are no words for the idiocy present here — for the dogmatism, racism, intolerance, arrogance, pride, vanity, pretentiousness and malevolence that just oozes out of the posters, like puss from a nasty infection, when they open their soiled mouths.
  17. So you agree. It's not like you could become less tolerant, lolol, right?
  18. A Jewish propaganda source posts someone saying something mean. Is that really the worst insult you've heard? You are a sensitive crowed — in contradiction to the insults you spit while you speak.
  19. Sounds awfully hypocritical, to say the least. https://islamqa.info/en/answers/11774/ruling-on-covering-the-face-with-detailed-evidence Then what on earth are you asking me for? If a heart surgeon explained to you why you should have them operate on your 2-year-old, would you after that ask me why you should do that? I don't know. I was half expecting excuses about how they don't do this and that and therefore she doesn't think it part of Islam. Aren't they the authority on what Islam is and is not?
  20. Not exactly, no — just an explanation. I thought that's what you wanted. Or were you just looking to argue?
  21. I don't have my own view, but here: "Those who oblige non-Muslim women to wear the abaya and cover up may be asked: have you obliged the women of your own country to do so? They will answer yes. They may be asked: Do you differentiate between a non-Muslim woman of one religion and a non-Muslim woman of another religion? They will say: No, we do not differentiate. And finally they may be asked: Does your religion enjoin you to do this? Their answer will be: Yes. Hence no one should criticize those who rule according to secularism or anything else for allowing non-Muslim women to go uncovered in their own countries, but those who rule according to sharee‘ah should not be blamed or criticized either. Secularism allows non-Muslim women to go uncovered, but the religion of Islam does not allow that, so the former allows them to do that and the latter does not. Hence wise people directed their blame and criticism to non-Muslim countries because they rule according to secularism yet despite that they ban the covering of the face, even though their own principles do not allow them to do that, let alone criminalize the woman who covers her face or those among her family who called her to do that or instructed her to do that. If that is not dictatorship or fascism or terrorism, then what is?" https://islamqa.info/en/answers/151261/comments-on-the-ban-on-the-hijab-and-niqab-in-some-countries-and-the-ruling-on-non-muslim-women-being-uncovered-in-muslim-countries
  22. You must be one of those who don't consider the mandatory hijab in Iran a human rights issue.
  23. I didn't say "basic human rights", but now that you mention it, covering one's head is a basic human right. I have no interest in their excuses. It is blatantly obvious that the country is against Islam and is sinking further and further into its own hatred as time goes by.
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