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  1. Ayaan Hirsi Ali became an apostate long ago and she knows nothing about Islam. Every other 'fact' of hers is an outright lie that only non-Muslims can be ignorant enough to believe. FGM is prohibited in Islam.
  2. Drawing the line is easier than not drawing the line IF one studies Islam. The Quran and the Hadith and the Sunnah and history need to be studied carefully. If you haven't studied them it's understandable you don't see the line, but it isn't understandable you want to decide what befits the law and what doesn't. The Muslim world is full of Muslims who oppose the sharia law as prescribed by their governments. But this by most part is not because they want to do away with Sharia and use your laws instead. No. They just want to do away with things they believe do not belong to Islam. And in those countries they have other laws in use but just Sharia. So before you criticise a specific country's law and call it Sharia you have to check what else it consists of. Governments and clerics do not interpret "Islam". There is nothing to interpret. Muslims follow the Quran and the prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam). There are not many ways to interpret the Quran, though many say so. The interpretation is either right or wrong. It is an individual Muslim's duty to find the information they need or to try their best. So if a Muslim is wrongly guided because of a cleric, he is responsible for it himself as there are many highly respected Islamic scholars in the world. The main idea is that if a teaching - no matter who it comes from - is controversial to the Qur'an or the Prophet's (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) teachings, which are available for all to read, it is to be rejected. In Islam religion cannot be forced on anyone. The Muslims who believe know that what they follow is the only right religion and know that there can be no fault in it. But it is not up to them to make people believe so. If all the people in the world knew what Islam is, everyone would be Muslim. But that is not the way it is, nor is it the way it will ever be - as Allah tells us this in the Quran. The Muslims will always be persecuted.
  3. Well there isn't any country in the world as far as I know, that doesn't allow women to drive. Maybe you have other reasons then..
  4. The distinction doesn't fail just because someone points at the hadiths and the Quran. They must be interpreted correctly and the cases judged justly. The distinction remains. And is particularly important to remember with your last paragraph.
  5. Do you live in a country that won't let you drink or drive? you misunderstood me probably. I mean sociologically speaking, scientifically such a thing where a person is not affected by society does not exist. Or maybe I misunderstood you?
  6. No. Sharia is man made. Islam is the religion given to mankind. People apply Sharia, and have always applied as they see fit. But while Islam is perfect, man is not. Sharia is not perfect. And sharia can be modified within the limits of Islam. Islam cannot be modified at all. What punishment are 'all too real'?
  7. That phenomenon doesn't exist in human societies.
  8. I already explained to you the position of Islam on those death penalties. You're still insinuating they make Islam "bad in a big way". Sharia comes out of Islam - not the other way around. what do you want them to change? religion? culture? what they do? What is it that they do? Besides for living their lives minding their own business..
  9. The main issue in the Middle East is the cold war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. That is completely false. ayatollah is only one authority for the Shias. Shias are only 10% of Muslims. Part of the other 90% don't even consider Shias as Muslims.
  10. They're not like-minded. Islam doesn't need a reform and terrorism is not the problem of real religious leaders. Islamic countries are doing a lot to prevent terrorism - only, some of them have got their own terrorist organizations; like Iran has Hezbollah. They condemn and act against terrorism that doesn't suit their interests. Changing this wouldn't be a change "from within Islam" or from Muslims. It would be a political change with no effect to Islam.
  11. Are you bragging for USA? Do you know how much those wars cost USA and that the debt is now well over 20 trillion?
  12. USA can't really do anything. And they won't. Except by isolating Ira economically but that's been going on for some time. Besides the problem with Iran is not an occasional provocation.
  13. I didn't say they did not. yes, they can. They're wicked. They'll make the best of anything to make others look bad and to make Iran look innocent and responsible.
  14. That they can gain something from what happened whether they did it or not.
  15. Yes they do. They like to be blamed for things for which there is no evidence, so they can note down another time they were "blamed for nothing" .
  16. Flogging and stoning are often in the laws of Muslim countries. It is a deterrent, the required proof is almost impossible to provide. Religious leaders of Islam say a lot of different things. There's nothing obscure about the Quran. Nor is it intolerant. The problem is not so much that people think all Muslims are what they think Islam is, but that they don't know what Islam is so they think what some Muslims are is what Islam is.
  17. The death penalty for homosexuality is not inherently Islamic. It's been made up later because the people didn't know what to do about homosexuals seeing as there is a punishment for sex outside of marriage. Sex between men could not be left outside of this. The requirements for the punishment to be fulfilled - if the judges even want it to be fulfilled - are that four reliable Muslim men see the act of penetration and witness against the perpetrators.
  18. You seem to be ignoring the fact that the vast majority of Christians do not practice their religion. This doesn't make Christianity so and so - it makes the Christians non-practicing Christians. In other words, you cannot compare religions in such a way and get accurate results.
  19. It's called a phobia because it isn't legitimate. It's exaggerated and ignorant. When a person becomes a fanatic without even knowing what for they are as though suffering from a phobia. Islam doesn't have a death sentence for any of those things. They come from other sources and mostly aren't applied even if the state does have such a ruling.
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