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  1. It is all BS. There is no heaven, there are no spirits, no gods, the so-called holy books world-wide are all lies and myths. So the above is a total waste of time. One would do well to remember believing in imaginary beings, people who never existed and events which never took place, are classic indicators of mental illness.
  2. If there weren't so many sensitive wimps and weenies here, you wouldn't need a rule about insults. We choose whether or not to be offended by something someone writes or says. Emotionally and intellectually mature men and women do not choose to be insulted or "offended" by mere words either in real life or in an anonymous chat room. As for the mod, he's one of you.
  3. It is evident racism is alive and well on this forum. It is equally evident our esteemed mod is allergic to honest postings identifying said racists.
  4. The only criteria is use in this matter is whether or not the person is nice.
  5. Birds of a feather of course. The Reform Party has always been a party of exclusion because of its fundamentalist pinnings.
  6. His advisors may. He simply lives in la-la land as he has all his life.
  7. All pols do that. The NDP are particularly notorious for it. But that is different from courting racists and homophobes: https://nowtoronto.com/news/alberta-election-2019-jason-kenney-racism-islamophobia-homophobia/
  8. There is not much you could accuse Milquetoast of I wouldn't agree with the exception of racism and religious hatred.
  9. Were you not paying attention to the recent Alberta election where Kenny's racist and religious hatred were widely reported? Kenny and Scheer sit side by side in the same pew.
  10. Guilty by association. Kenny is an acknowledged religious racist, has expressed support for same and has expressed hatred of the LGetc community.
  11. Just because you disagree doesn't make me wrong or you right. Scheer is a religious white racist as is most of his base. He is a US style Repugnican with all the warts and pus that carries with it. See how the Repugs have ruined the US and attacked human and civil rights and ask yourself if you want to open that door when you know what is behind it? PM Milquetoast is a national disaster to be certain. Scheer and he merry band of religious nutbars will be worse.
  12. Not the least bit mistaken. Believing in imaginary beings, people who never existed and events which never took place are classic indicators of mental illness. As well, I have met Scheer and he is not a man I would shake hands with.
  13. Scheer is a better name for a virulent mental illness.
  14. US Democrats are not that different from US Repugnicans. They just don't have the Repug's hatred of women. NDP are flakes like the Greens.
  15. No, he's too arrogant, too self-centred, too stupid to see the writing on the wall.
  16. 50%? Provide some evidence to support this interesting claim.
  17. Upon what do you make that conclusion aside from wishful thinking and profound ignorance?
  18. Yes. Can't deal with anything but the zealot's POV. Reality evades his grasp.
  19. Again. you are pro-birth. In any event, in the final analysis it is nobody's business what a woman does with her body.
  20. Most of the folks I know feel the same as I do. So we go to Mexico and spend our money there. Nicer people, nicer weather, no Chump.
  21. No, you are pro-birth. Like all religious nuts you don't give a damn what happens to that kid once it is born. Fornication is a religious term and since people were having sex long before marriage was invented, we are all products of fornication (sex without marriage). The best thing which could happen is if we managed to rid ourselves of the mental illness called religion. It is nobody's business what a woman does with her body.
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