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Found 11 results

  1. I was organizing my 📹 YouTube collection and came across a historic inspiring speech from John F. Kennedy. Some might disagree, this is why I will start a poll with various options. Over time, I've saved famous videos from different channels, this is one of my favorites, JFK was someone that I grew up as a beacon of light, one of the few politicians that manages to this day, when I listen to some of these, to manipulate me "emotionally", 😄 which is rare: Poll: What does JFK's famous quote 'Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You' mean to you? JFK's quote inspires individual responsibility and action for the country. JFK's quote places too much responsibility on citizens. JFK's impactful speech credits his talented speechwriter. 😄
  2. After waiting nearly 74 years to become King, the coronation of Charles III is here. Scheduled for Saturday. The ceremony comes nearly 8 months after the death of the country’s longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. How will a new King impact the world? There has been a lot of discussion online from those who fail to appreciate the contribution of the British Empire. While it is true that the empire had its share of flaws, like any imperialistic force, I believe it's important to look at the frameworks that the British left behind and how it has helped others to improve. This is just my personal opinion, of course, but evidence supports it. Just look at all the countries where the British went and one will see the product today. After that, compare it with other empires' work and one should see the difference. Live via AP:
  3. Bit of a gamer & designer/playtester all my life. Some military & historical background... What's your favorite wargame (et al)? Board or computer...no matter. Some of the new ones are remarkable... For example... War of Rights...MMO US Civil War...FPS w/ musket and bayonet.
  4. Poll (CA & US): What is political polarisation driven by in Canada and America, everywhere really? Multiple Options Poll: Ideology Media Tribalism Economic Factors Historical Legacies Other
  5. Which presidential debate did you like the most and why? I made a list and will start a poll based on those, used sources around the Internet to remind myself of some details: - 1960: Democratic nominee John F. Kennedy against Republican President Richard Nixon. - 1976: Democrat Jimmy Carter faced unelected incumbent Republican President Gerald Ford. - 1980: Carter appeared in a second debate with Republican Ronald Reagan after boycotting the first for including third-party candidate John Anderson. - 1984: Reagan, 73 vs Democrat Walter Mondale, 56 - 1988: George H.W. Bush with Democrat Michael Dukakis. - 1992: Three candidates - Bush, Democrat Bill Clinton and independent Ross Perot - shared a stage. - 1996: Clinton vs Republican Bob Dole. - 2000: Republican George W. Bush vs Democrat President Al Gore - 2004: Bush and Democrat John Kerry - 2008: John McCain vs Democrat Barack Obama. The Obama-Biden ticket won the election. - 2012: Obama vs Republican Mitt Romney. - 2016: Republican Donald Trump vs Democrat Hillary Clinton. - 2020: Democrat Joe Biden vs Donald Trump. I will go with 1960 ---> Kennedy's confidence via his body language won the debate, you can find videos all over to study the phenomena. Confidence in communication, especially in politics, is expressed via body language in my opinion.
  6. --> Is irrelevant what my birth religion is, it wasn't even practiced that much due to the system around. I have a strong opinion that in 313 AD, Emperor Constantine (Picture below) of the Roman Empire made a grave mistake by accepting the new Abrahamic religion in the empire. --> He therefore buried the memory of Marcus Aurelius (Picture below), shamed the Roman Empire in my view and destroyed the teachings of reason for a political decision. We are in 2022. -> This December I will call it: Abraham's month. It is what it is, they won the war at the end. I am not a savage, part of life is to accept the realism around one's. -> The melancholia is still there, no matter how one moves away from one's tribalism, the programming is still there. 😄 -> For all the Jews and Christians: Hanukkah Sameach & Merry Christmas. *This is I think an Eastern European girl's music about Jerusalem, is the reason I started this thread, it showed up on my YouTube recommendations:
  7. It is unfair to discriminate Indians and humiliate them by calling them national minorities, insisting that they are aliens in this country and that they should "go home", although America was and is their home even before the Europeans came to the country. At the moment, the situation with the Indians at the official level is peaceful, as the federal authorities are obliged to provide members of the Indian tribes with a number of special cultural and economic benefits, including full exemption from local and federal taxes, medical and educational grants. This can be called compensation for lost territories. However, sitting in one of the cafes, I was faced with a situation that just stunned me: three white guys actively discussed a married couple of Indian origin, called them "freaks" and even expressed their dissatisfaction with their presence in America - like "America is for Whites only". Can this actually be called a manifestation of nationalism, or maybe neo-Nazism? Of course, it was convenient for white Americans to use the Indians during the wars as "code talkers" and "wild animals that are not a pity if they die" but it is very possible thanks to them that those three guys in the cafe peacefully drank coffee being healthy and free. Many of today's Indians live on reservations, where we all can see big “No trespassing. Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again" posters. They feel like strangers in their own state and the problem of the indigenous inhabitants of America cannot be called resolved. Yes, the authorities legalized gambling in reservations, but for what purpose? I find this even offensive. By the word "help" I understand the construction of hospitals with the further provision of accessible to all medical care, educational institutions, libraries, stores, etc., and not casinos, which are actually alien to the Indian culture and corrupting Aboriginal people of America. Despite the formal presence of citizenship, indigenous people still have to literally conquer their rights through civic activism and protests. And Indians are remembered only when they are needed or loudly declare about themselves.
  8. Due to historical events, Alaska, which came under US administration on October 18, 1867, and the Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), becoming independent states on September 6, 1991, ceased to exist as Russian lands on the world cartography. Russia then established diplomatic relations with the Baltic countries, and during the sale of Alaska, relations between Russia and the United States were at the peak of friendly relations, and there were no grounds for political conflicts between the states. However, today the situation between these states is different, partly due to the unresolved Ukrainian issue. Washington is not satisfied with the activity of Moscow in the Arctic zone, which is considered as one of the main potential areas of the future military conflict due to the huge deposits of oil, gas and the favorable location of the Russian Northern Sea Route. For example, on January 11, 2019, the US Navy Minister Richard Spencer announced his intention to strengthen the US position in the Arctic and respond to Russia's "excessive claims": P-8 "Poseidon" ships and anti-submarine patrol aircraft will be deployed in the Adak Island area to monitor the activities of the Pacific fleet of the Russian Federation. In turn, the State Duma of the Russian Federation believes that the actions of the United States are aggressive in nature and do not exclude that Americans will disregard the rules of international law. Moreover, Americans today are creating the necessary infrastructure for the operational redeployment of troops and in the Baltic States, against the background of the supposedly existing threat to the Baltic countries from Russia. It should be recalled that in 2017, the US Vice President Michael Pence in Tallinn said that Russia poses a threat to the Baltic States and promised that NATO will strictly adhere to the fifth article of the alliance's charter, according to which an attack on one of the NATO members is an attack on all members of the North Atlantic Alliance. Speaking about relations between the United States and Russia, Pence noted that President Donald Trump is ready to improve them, but "first, the Russians must stop the hostile actions that led to the adoption of sanctions". At the same time, Moscow has repeatedly stressed that Russia will never attack any of the NATO countries. According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, NATO is well aware of the absence of Moscow’s plans to attack anyone, but simply uses the occasion to deploy more equipment and battalions near the Russian borders. For example, the Americans place their military bases and ranges in the territory of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, having even signed a joint communiqué between these countries in November 2018, where they expressed their determination to continue to increase military budgets. But, despite the statements of the Baltic countries that their military doctrines are exclusively defensive in nature, it is obvious that the government of the US President D. Trump, sponsoring Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in the military sphere simply invests the budget in itself, imposing three countries their ideas and crushing them under their control. And also, strengthening its position in the former territories of Russia, including Alaska, clearly demonstrates attempts to influence Russia, acting together with these states, making them puppets, continuing to fuel the confrontational line that stems from the unresolved Ukrainian issue. Therefore, we are witnessing the process of increasing the grouping of the US and NATO troops on the western borders of the Russian Federation. And it is obvious that in response to this activity of the Pentagon, Moscow will take retaliatory measures.
  9. 13 That Evil History of Communism, Political Philosophy for Human Future​ By Exegesisme 1 Now it is very clear in my reflection, that addiction of communism regime was concocted by a Jew named Karl Marx for liberation of Jews out of religious conflicts, by replacing the position of religious conflicts with class conflicts. The civilized good religious conflicts are the real driver of the creative evolution of human civilization, rather than evil class conflicts. 2 Carl Marx did that work by evilly taking use of two human arrogant processes in his era, first arrogant process of Kantian evil philosophy to put human as end and tried to trap god in a region Kant defined, second arrogant process of human war armed with capitalism and scientific technology on nature and society. 3 Western civilization has cognitive faculty to insight that evil addiction of communism and has avoided that evil end of communism of Karl Marx. 4 That core of Chinese civilization is fa school, which takes evil as human nature and has developed an evil system which has been taken use as core of all systems of all Chinese rulers since that emergence of fa school. That evil is nature and fa school takes use of that evil nature. 5 That evil core of Chinese traditional civilization concocted with that evil core of communism had concocted Chinese communism party, that evil party apparently still takes evil communism as its end which actually is only a disguise took by that party to cover its evil and ugly behavior.
  10. 3 Higher Science of History, My Scientific Work​​​ By Exegesisme 1 My higher science of history is different from science of history. Science of history pays attention to facts of bodies. My higher science of history not only pays attention to facts of bodies, but pays more attention to facts of what influences bodies. 2 Therefore, I pay more attention to spirit, mind, soul, emotion and others which influence body from upon body. From this direction, I get the conclusion, some histories are meaningful, and some histories are meaningless. As two examples, the history of Christianity is meaningful, the history of China until now is meaningless. I can delete China from history, until now, without so much consequence on the whole human history. If there is any consequence, it is negative. If there is any positive consequence, the positive consequence can be easily replaced. 3 However, this is higher science of history, so the story usually does not tell in this way, for the higher science of history should pay attention to the emotion of more than one billion Chinese people. How I tell the story has relation to their benefits of living. 4 Although I have noticed the emotion of Chinese people, I still decide to tell the truth, their history is history of rogues, hoodlums, and so on. You see the Chinese communist party, they are these sorts of thing. Who are more violent, who are more disguised, who take the power until they lose in farther more violence and disguise. 5 The history of Christianity is different. On each important moment, the spiritual progress takes leadership, violence is in much small scale, less truthful disguise is replaced by more truthful disguise, new knowledge builds the history. Until everything new becomes old again. And god reveals new spiritual progress and new knowledge again.
  11. Bible and History, "Who Never Know".​ By Exegesisme Genesis 1:26 Then God said: " Let us make man in our image,..." (Time from 3 million years ago to 15 thousand years ago.) Genesis 2:7 the lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground.. (in Africa about 15 thousand years ago, the man was a man with new genome, or new nuclear information genetics.) Genesis 2:8 Now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there he put the man he had formed. (In Middle East, time from 15 thousand years to 10 thousand years. The trees in the garden became oils today.) Genesis 2:10 A river watering the garden flowed from Eden (the source of four ancient agricultural civilizations); from there it was separated into four headwaters. (Ancient China, ancient India, ancient Mesopotamia, and ancient Egypt. Ancient China and ancient India lose their relations with the source. Civilizations in ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt had interacted repeatedly to form the civilizations of ancient Greece and ancient Jews, which in turn had interacted repeatedly to form the civilization of Christianity, until our era, have formed the main stream of general human civilization.)
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