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School Punishes 7 Yr Old - Discussed Gay Parents

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Twin Cities Pioneer Press

A Louisiana boy was disciplined by his elementary school for telling a second-grade classmate that he had two mothers and explaining that gay meant "when a girl likes a girl," the American Civil Liberties Union is charging.

Incidents like this happen every day. This child is a victim of anti-gay prejudice, and this incident should be investigated.

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Hardner said:

Incidents like this happen every day. This child is a victim of anti-gay prejudice

Nice. The judicial system should hire you as chief clairvoyant and save themselves alot of money with an obviously out-moded jury system. This is not France, Hardner, with the Napoleonic judicial system in effect. The school is innocent until proven guilty, so you should can your prejudiced wail about this child being "victimized" by anti-gay bias and while you're at it, please can your baseless rant that this kind of thing happens "every day." Here's a few points for you to consider before jumping to any conclusions about this case and the issue of children's victimization by social prejudice/bias:

a. If the ACLU was genuine about its concern for the child victim, why hasn't the ACLU taken the gay parents to court on behalf of the 7 year old child for subjecting the child on an ongoing basis to a stressful home environment that statistically is likely to put this child at risk for depression, drug and alcohol use, and suicide attempts?

Homosexual adoption puts children at risk

b. Or if the ACLU sincerely worried about children being "victimized" by social bias/prejudice, how come the ACLU has not sued all the academic facilities that published skewed research in recent years, which hid risks posed to children raised in homosexual parenting environment, due to fear of PC thinking backlash that could result in loss of research grants?

U of Southern California study says that previous pro-gay parenting research is seriously flawed

Dozens of studies about kids raised by gay parents were mischaracterized for political reasons so as not to draw the ire of homosexual activists or encourage anti-gay rhetoric, a new report suggests.The report, by sociology professors at the University of Southern California, says that that, contrary to earlier assertions, children of same-sex parents exhibit significant differences when compared to children raised by heterosexual couples. Until now, most studies have suggested there are no significant behavioral, psychological or sexual differences between children raised by gay parents and those in heterosexual households. The studies are often invoked to erase fears about the developmental health and well-being of children raised by gay parents. Claiming that "few respectable scholars today oppose [same-sex] parenting," Stacey and Biblarz suggest that most scholars fear that highlighting the differences will be used by opponents of homosexual parenting and marriage to oppose gay adoption and gay marriage. Stacey and Biblarz claim that "it is difficult to conceive of a credible theory of sexual development that would not expect the adult children of lesbigay parents to display somewhat higher incidence of homoerotic desire, behavior, and identity than children of heterosexual parents." David Murray of the Washington-based Statistical Assessment Service and co-author of It Ain’t Necessarily So: How Media Make and Unmake the Scientific Picture of Reality, agrees that most of the research on homosexual parenting is politically contaminated. He blames it on a fear of "arousing the dog chained on the left side and arousing the cat chained on the right side" of the political spectrum. "We have allowed the politicization of this issue to erode our capacity to see clearly and to effectively decide policy issues," Murray said. "It’s all about the politicization of the academic community, the federal grant-giving community and news reporting on these issues — they’ve all failed to provide good information about these important issues of social change," he said.

c. If truth be told, Hardner, you know as well as I do, that the ACLU could care 2 hoots about children being "victimized"...be it at home, in school, in church, at Big Brother/Big Sister outings, whatever... unless the ACLU sees political advantage in a case to enable it to marshall a legal assault on one of society's institutions.

IMHO, the ACLU has devolved into a cruel joke at the expense of the average Joe/Josephine Taxpayer. The ACLU is becoming more an anarchist, special interest agenda driven organization with each passing day, and the noble goals on which it was founded in 1917 have been subverted. I feel the ACLU should have its non-profit tax free status summarily removed as of yesterday. The ACLU is not looking out for the civil rights of ordinary Mr/Ms. Everyman...it's looking out to protect/promote self-serving "agendas."

d) Fyi, here's the other side of the case, not that you're interested, but others on the forum might want to read further. According to the school this 7 year old was disciplined for ordinary misbehaviour and that the student was not belittled nor victimized because the parents were gay. The parents' "gayness" was incidental to the child acting inappropriately.

URL=http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=35936]School victimized by ACLU?School spokesmen says they disciplined 7 year for ordinary misbehaviour[/url]

Hardner, the day that the ACLU starts prosecuting NAMBLA for promoting pedophilia and starts taking NAMBLA members to court on behalf of minors INSTEAD of acting as NAMBLA's defence, is the day I will begin having a modicum of respect for the ACLU and the cases it takes on that are allegedly defendiing the welfare/rights/ best interests of children.

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Nice. The judicial system should hire you as chief clairvoyant and save themselves alot of money with an obviously out-moded jury system.

Based on the facts as I see them, the child is a victim of anti-gay prejudice, whether or not a crime was committed. The courts should decide who is guilty or not guilty of a crime, but I can decide for myself what's right and wrong, thanks.

As for the ACLU, I don't disagree with your points that they're getting farther and farther from the mainstream in America, but then again... they're supposed to defend civil liberties, not just popular civil liberties. They stand up for many groups that I'm not comfortable with either...

As for any studies indicating that homosexuality is harmful, homosexual parents are harmful etc. etc. - I didn't read the links. Any such study is fundamentally flawed because uncontrollable factors will always affect the result.

For example, the location of the families involved. It's impossible to control for all of these. Many such studies that I've read tend to confuse causes, symptoms, co-factors, etc.

I'm sure someone could show that it would be stressful for someone to raise a pro-abortion, pro-gun control family in a heavily NDP section of Toronto. It's always stressful when your community doesn't have the same values you do.

But I would never argue that such a family shouldn't be allowed to raise children as they see fit. This is an analogy to what these types of studies argue and I don't agree with it.

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The teacher is out of touch and was out of line by scolding the child.

The ACLU is criminal in my opinion and only concerned with furthering their destructive extreme leftist agenda.

They have no genuine concern for this child.

The same "extremist leftist" agenda that has defended the rights of Rush Limbaugh, the Ku Klux Klan, some Nazi party (I think it was in Illinois), and even the Christian Coalition.

My biggest beef with the ACLU is perhaps that they need to do more to defend cyber-liberties. Given the utterly pathetic record that both the American left and the American right have had on this issue, I don't think anybody could call them extremist for doing more to fight against the DMCA and other similarly draconian legislation.

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I HATE the aclu with a passion. I am very big on security. and dont call me racist, I am brown (half italian) and I dont care if it means it takes me an extra 30 minutes in the airport, if it saves lifes, then its a great thing. the aclu is anti security, and wants to see north america burning in flames under the reign of der furher, bin laden.

now, back on topic


you need to get your priorities straight

you spent the entire post attacking gay rights when this topic is about a little girl who has just been told she's not normal. if you could understand the incredable pain that causes, perhaps you would not respond in such a way. obvioulsy, you dont care about those sort of things.

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