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  1. I asked what Keynesism was, and I was laughed out of the room by the posters, and IIRC, the admin.
  2. funny, when I asked a quesiton on this forum months ago, all the f***ing a@@holes here yelled at me, and I was told the topic, becuase it was a question, does not belong in a debate forum. perhaps its clear and blaitent bias because I support the NDP?
  3. its based on differences. you see someone form china, they have "funny eyes" you hear an anfrican-canadian singing rap, he's "stupid" etc... I once had someone lecture my for 10 minutes on how "I'm not a racist, I'm right" he show'd me a picture of a few african-americans and said "look at how their jaw sticks out, and their head is big in the back... now look at this picture of an ape" that's when I threw him out of my room. He did have a point though, "White men" and "Black men" look different. it's more then skin, it your shape. I know some people from the mid-east, and yes, compared to a normal "white man" they have big noses. people look at someone, see their big nose, see their slanted eyes, and say "he's different, he must be stupid" or something like that. Racisim starts when you notice the differences, because by noticing them, you are accepting that there are differences. I grew up in Toronto, and it literally takes me about a week to clue in that this or that guy is black. I just dont notice it, it's not important to me. I'm sorry to say that I do notice the gender gap, but I'm trying to fix that. am I making any sence here?
  4. from what I near, old PCers, Stronach supporters, and Clement supporters were not allowed to vote because they never got their ballots. Bring this up to the party, and they respond with a nice "F*** YOU" in not so many words
  5. in this case, I'd support the death penalty people like this should be shot.
  6. Some people have argued that EEE will not sell in Ontario, I think this poll proves them wrong. The east will go along with this, Quebec? we dont know. Do you guys think we should ram this through without Quebec's consent? I wouldnt mind
  7. I know some french Je M'apple le Pellaken. Je swiss le neavou democraqitue. Je parle missour layton eleu preimier ministere!
  8. Election Prediction website http://www.electionprediction.org/2004_fed/index.html this is where you can post your riding-by-riding predictions!
  9. there will be a populist uprising in 2007/2008. It will come here, in canada, first, then spread around the world. the people need a leader. I'm affraid to say if no one else step's up to the plate, I'll take on the role myself.
  10. for the record Lucien Bouchard was a tory cabinet minister Jean Lapierre was a Liberal MP Gilles Duceppe was elected as an independent who was pro-seperation the 3 came togethor and created the Bloc Quebecois. 5 other MP's (all from the tories) joined the Bloc. One more was elected in a by-election. Of the original 9, only Duceppe remains.
  11. here's something to think about in provinces like Quebec even, there may still be ridings with 100 people, and ridings with 5. Whoever wins the ridings with 5 will be much stronger. Clement, for example, could 'win' ontario, with 25% of the vote from there.
  12. Does Belinda even know what a by-election is? smiley, Harper lost 11 by-elections, mrs.stronach has NEVER lost an election.
  13. we need proporitonal representation and we need to kick the queen out on her a@@
  14. The bloc could form a government. it's how skrewy our system is. if they elected all 75 seats in quebec... the Liberals, Tories, and NDP tied at 74 seats each, and some other party gets 11 seats, then pouf, you have a Bloc government. go figure
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