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Dolton, Illinois situation is crazy.

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This whole Dolton situation is crazy. Dolton, Illinois is a suburb of Chicago and they have a mayor who seems quite corrupt. The town had a budget surplus but now has a 5 million dollar deficit, they tried recalling her and the court deemed the recall election unconstitutional so they are stuck with her until the next election. She is spending money like water and mostly to her benefit. She still lives with her mother and made sure her driveway and street were repaired before anything else was. She went to Vegas on the tax payers dime going to expensive restaurants costing 100s of dollars per visit and took a 1st class plane trip there on the tax payers dime as well. There are stories of harrassment of those that don't support her, locking people out of their office they don't like, firing people she has no authority to fire and refusing to give trustees access to the credit card bills and other expenses and she hired a pedophile to be an ordinance enforcer.

The towns facebook is the craziest thing I have ever seen, there is nary  a video or picture without her in it, the banner for the village has a giant picture of her. She is so full of herself they remembered 911 with a picture of her.

We are talking about a town with about 20,000 people and a median income of 25,000 a year.

Trust me the linked article is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Update: The town of Dolton is now 7 million in deficit.

One thing I failed to mention she is also the supervisor of the Township in which Dolton is in and she is using their credit card essentially the same way she is using the her Dolton credit card and she is doing nakedly illegal things by putting up billboards with her name and face in big bold letters and then just below it says something about a government service. She has done the same thing with their facebook page.

She somehow got the board to go along with an ordinance that states if Tiffany is reelected the township supervisor she maintains her 224 thousand dollar salary but if some else wins then they only get paid 25k.


This is definitely popping some corn and watching the chaos type thing.

Alot of people blame the people for electing her but in their defense their last mayor was corrupt as hell too so they needed a change and they had no idea who she was going to be when she ran, now if they re-elect her that is a completely different story.

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