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Risk your life by breaking into someone's home?

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4 hours ago, TreeBeard said:

You think they just shoot themselves?  LOL 



Instances of children shooting themselves or others unintentionally in the home or other locations, are on the rise, said Daniel Webster, a gun violence expert professor at Johns Hopkins University.

“A six-year-old gaining access to a loaded gun and shooting him/herself or someone else, sadly, is not so rare,” Webster told the AP.


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18 hours ago, TreeBeard said:

It’s not my concern, but this is a discussion forum.   It’s just a fact that the guns, guns, guns people in USA tend to ignore.  I’m in Canada…. they can shoot each other all they want and it’s not my concern.  

It would seem that Americans are obsessed with guns, when you are living in a country without a bill of rights. Here (well, at least in the better educated states, the red ones) guns are a part of life. Police carry them, as do bodyguards, national guardsmen. And there are quite a few private gun owners who protect their homes with deadly force. I know that seems a bit much for a Karen country like Canada, but it's all about live and let live.

Like I've said many times before: I personally do not like guns nor will I allow them in my house. But unlike the KARENS of the left, my private view does not trump the United States Constitution. If my next door neighbor wants an entire WALL of AK47s, that is his RIGHT.

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On 1/5/2023 at 1:50 PM, TreeBeard said:

So, you believe the Florida numbers have gone down.  But when it’s shown that California’s has gone down nearly identically, you assume it’s some sort of conspiracy.  

Did I get that correct?

I never said Florida's numbers have gone up or down. Certainly, in blue cities where they are run by Democrats there's probably a lot of gun violence, (mostly from illegal aliens whom our brilliant Governor hasn't had time to ship out of here yet.) What I said was you haven't provided any reliable evidence that California's murder rate has somehow magically gone down.

Ironically, I wasn't even talking about the murder rate on a state level in this thread. So once again, a retard loses an argument and tries to change the subject.

 I know that Florida is safer than California. And only someone fresh from a successful LOBOTOMY would think that meth lab of a state is EVER safe anywhere, especially with the police allowing illegal aliens to leave heroin needles and human feces on the sidewalks, even in Nazi Pelosi's beloved San Francisco.

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