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The Trump Green New Deal (per Investors Business Daily)

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Try to follow along with this. It is an observation of Trump's 2019 State Of The Union Address

A 'Green' New Deal




I'm not an economist, but since progressives are going wild and putting every crazy idea on the table, here goes:

  • Clear-cut colossal subsidies and preferences that crowd out markets, create disincentives and reward rent-seekers.
  • Further chop the $2 trillion of regulatory red tape that impedes competition and lards costs onto everything from homes to phones.
  • Pull out the props supporting a rotting education apparatus paralyzed by edifice complexes, administrative bloat, radicalism and increasingly worthless four-year degrees. Replace it with an affordable, digitally-driven system giving students the choices needed to thrive in the 21st-century work world. And find a way to free young people from the $1.5-trillion overhang of debt hawked to them like so many Florida swamps, and now depriving them of any opportunity at the American dream.
  • Go back to the future — the 1996 welfare reform — and reposition assistance as a temporary pathway to productive work, rather than a downward spiral into despondency and dependency.
  • Convert Social Security and Medicare from crumbling pay-as-you-go entitlements to savings plans accessible throughout life, that make every working American an investor instead of a supplicant. Thereby switch from unfunded liabilities as far as the eye can see to massive investment pools funding next-gen technologies instead of bike paths, bullet trains and Bridges to Nowhere.
  • Pursue tax reform that stops pummeling aspiration, productivity and job creation — and rewarding debt, over-housing, and health overutilization — and install a simple-to-administer consumption levy with a "prebate." If necessary, start with a transitional plan like Herman Cain's 2012 9-9-9 proposal, which by itself would set off a growth spurt unsurpassed in world history.
  • Most of all, purge the endless disincentives to preserving the greatest wealth-creation program of all: marriage and families (look it up). For starters, alongside student loan and tax reform, call a truce in the Nanny State's war on men and boys making all too many unsuitable marriage partners. (Tucker Carlson is dead on in lamenting how elites are failing to focus on family woes.)
  • JFK defended tax cut proposals by insisting, "A rising tide lifts all boats." If progressives can treat radical, redistributionist reveries like serious policy proposals, why shouldn't the President expand on his thought-provoking SOTU suggestion with an ambitious but realistic "Deal" that would raise, not wreck, riches for everyone?


Have at it, libs. Tell us why you would be triggered and infuriated at any of these proposals.

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