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A look at some of the NDP's latest new convention resolutions..

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With an election looming, grassroots New Democrats propose over 500 policy resolutions, and while none of them are offical adopted, but it does give us some insight into what direction the NDP might be going...

And some of them are out of this world...

Abolish billionaires by taxing all gross wealth above $1 billion at 100 per cent.

Decriminalize all illegal drugs.

Implement a $15 or $20 per hour federal minimum wage.

Make it an offence for employers to use replacement workers during a strike or lockout.

Reduce the work week to 32 hours without loss of pay or benefits and outlaw mandatory overtime.

Nationalize major auto companies and shift toward building environmentally sustainable cars. 

One motion pushes for "an end to the heroic commemoration" of Canada's first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, and to remove his statues from public places.

As India's farmers' protest continues, one resolution calls on the party to push the Canadian government to condemn the Indian government's response and to stand up for the farmers.

Others call for the complete or partial defunding, disarming and disbanding of police forces in Canada.

One resolution calls for a review of the RCMP's $10 billion budget and significant investments in mental health, de-escalation and harm reduction in cases involving substance abuse.

One resolution in particular calls on the government to freeze military spending, while another proposes "the phasing out of the Canadian Armed Forces."

And another resolution calls on an NDP government to ban the use of pepper spray by law enforcement because of the long-term adverse health effects.

Cancel student debt for all current and former post-secondary students.

Actively campaign against all new pipelines.

Not sure if any of this makes sense, complete or partial defunding of police, are we going to police our selfs, Defund the military would be better than dyeing slowly of a million cuts... Ban the use of pepper spray, because it is an effective non lethal method of making a suspect to be cooperative... i mean they already want to disband and disarm all police...It boggles my mind how some of the left think... And we thought Justin was a freak....and this guy has support in Canada... my only question is who is going to police our nation, keeping us safe, and which ones are going to respond to a gun fight when they are all unarmed and disbanded...No mention of a better solution to each of these ridicules ideas...

There was some good ideas as well


Work with provincial and territorial governments to implement high quality long-term care, and ensure all facilities are built on a non-profit model.

Pass legislation requiring the maintenance of an adequate stockpile of personal protective equipment at all times, and establish a public agency to manufacture and distribute.

Create a Crown corporation to produce vaccines, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Negotiate a new Canada Health Accord with the provinces and territories to ensure vision, dental, hearing, mental health, podiatry, physiotherapy, chiropractic and seniors' care are covered.


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Justins twin brother , has realized that perhaps some or most of the proposed resolutions were a lot out there, and now had denied some of the worst ones... but it still gives us an insight on how the NDP party thinks...good thing someone has the ball, or thought they had it..


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I could not make this up if i tried, more condemnation of supposed new resolutions....This is getting scary to think these are the guys in bed with the liberals

Terry Glavin: How some New Democrats would 'redefine Canada's place in the world.' It's scary

Terry Glavin: How some New Democrats would 'redefine Canada's place in the world.' It's scary

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