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The Middle East


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The Battle of Megiddo April 16th, 1457 BC...though the exact year is disputed.



The first detailed recorded battle...and thanks to that detailed Egyptian record keeping, we know more about this particular brawl than many modern events.

Megiddo and Kadesh...


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Operation Mole Cricket 19...Dog goes on and on about it. What the Hell was it?


Basically it demoralized not only the Arabs...but the entire Soviet military. Their tanks had been proven junk in the '73 Yom Kippur War...but they'd big hopes for the new Soviet aircraft being handed-out. The MiG-23...MiG-25...etc. They proved to be just as much junk...even with Soviet instructor pilots at the stick...so they couldn't just blame it on Arab ineptitude. 


More here...

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That enigmatic figure from the not so distant past...Grand Mufti al-Husseini. Not only was he the father of the Palestinian Cause...which has as much to do with the Hashemites as it does with the Jewish Israelis...but also a key figure in Hitler's Third Reich.


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