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  2. I have found a few of the old SSI games from back in the day, that have been bought out by another company. Like WINSPMBT, a modern Battle group sim, or WINSPWWII also a battle group size force set in WWII, all old SSI games, it has a digitals game board with octagon grids, it combines aircraft, drones, Helos air defense, arty, inf tanks, mines wire, trench's pretty much the whole thing. with over 90 countries represented. Played both for years now. I think the new company is named shrapnel games they offer a whole list of new computer-based games that are interesting.
  3. Eve. Not history...but loads of fun...even the free play account. No spyware...you can grind your way to a premium account. Based in Iceland of all places. The wife and I play often. With this link you can sign-up with 1,000,000 free skill points which you can use to make yourself fairly tough right off the bat. Requirements: a gaming computer would be ideal...but Eve has lower end graphic settings for those with less than Alienware rigs. https://www.eveonline.com/signup?invc=5e1316de-5bcf-493d-bfc3-1d9836f878a2
  4. New destroyer simulator...looks great.
  5. Redwing Flathead 365 kilotons, June 11th, 1956 This was the test of the T-28S 'salted' bomb...an intentionally dirty version of the B28 tactical free-fall device. The B28 was the device that was used to equip Canadian F-104 squadrons in Germany during the Cold War. The idea was to have a small H-Bomb in a crash/impact survivable container so one could 'lay down' the nuke at low altitude from a speeding aircraft and still escape. The detonation was delayed, of course...
  6. Uncut footage of Pacific thermonuclear testing (1951) Apparently from the Ivy King test blast.
  7. Short but great footage of the Buster-Jangle Easy test...Nov 5th, 1951. 31 kiloton yield. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Buster–Jangle This was the first deployment test of the Mark 7 nuclear bomb. Worked...
  8. Total War Rome II (2013 on) Not much comes close to matching this simulation...game...both. It covers all of Rome from the early days to the fall in detail. The tactical battles are spectacular while the strategic portion is colourful and attractive. Part of the Total War series which goes from Ancient Greece right-up to the Napoleonic Wars. Needs a fairly decent gaming computer...avoid Windows 11...for goodness sake avoid Windows 11...lol.
  9. Another short film on the Teapot Apple II test shot. Selling you on survival.
  10. A clip from a few years back on the MOAB being dropped by the C-130 Hercules.
  11. Unloading an Atlas missile from a C-133 Cargomaster. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Douglas_C-133_Cargomaster Last flight to the museum.
  12. Test footage of Plumbbob Hood. Hood was the largest atmospheric test done in the continental USA at 74 kilotons yield.
  13. Battle of Kosovo, 1389 The Last stand of the Christians against Ottoman expansion
  14. Sviatoslav 'the Brave': Grand Prince of Kiev 945-972
  15. Test Blast Dominic Chetco https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Dominic
  16. Coincidentally, NOREX 22 is on until today (Feb 20th) which is a NATO exercise. Many foreign troops in Canada doing winter training...
  17. Speaking of UN planes at North Bay...perfectly normal they assure us....this place exists there. Still functional...a relic from a bygone era. UN Plane just for fun...
  18. That enigmatic figure from the not so distant past...Grand Mufti al-Husseini. Not only was he the father of the Palestinian Cause...which has as much to do with the Hashemites as it does with the Jewish Israelis...but also a key figure in Hitler's Third Reich.
  19. Scott Manley on NASA's tracking ships and their colourful history.
  20. I recall coding sprites on the C64...what a great machine for the day. The best game available for it was the classic Pirates by Sid Meier in my opinion. Epic...
  21. I collect, and code, on 8 bit computers. I presently have a C64, an Atari 130XE, an Apple IIe Platinum and a Ti-99/4a.

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