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Do You Suport Children Getting Their Name Change?

Guest PPC2019

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Guest PPC2019

Some parents are naming thier kids after Psyfi heros. Let's say if the movied has a strong female character named "Peeladin". When the girl turns 7, and said I no longer want "Peeladin" on my birth cirtificate, but the parents reject, should society show solidarity towards the kid?

I just made up the name, but let's say an uncle want's to help have their kid change their name. Would that be interfearance?

:( Help


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The law regarding your name is provincial. Under all provincial laws, you would have to be the majority age of the province to change your name.

Moonie is right. Under exceptional circumstances an emancipated youth between 16 and 18 could change their name but its very rare.

The only other way a name is changed is due to legal adoption.

Name changes usually deal with LAST NAMES. As a general rule it is the last name that has legal meaning. People often use nicknames or other names other than their original first name as their first name and can establish that as a practice on their id's. Its the last name that you really need to change.

I have always told young people when I counselled them if you hate your first name, create a new one. In regards to the last name I have always told them, if the name angers you, understand other people have that name you are not angry with. Don't blame them. If you have to change it later on but know yourself and know no name means anything unless you want it to. Now if my name was Justin Trudeau I would change it and not to Bieber or Intime or Case. If I had to do it again I would want to be called Jed Clampett. Got a good ring to it. That or  Yoh Gurt. Maybe  Kid Knee or  Andy Griffith.

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