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The Bush Administration today announced...

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The Bush Administration today announced that they will push to exempt the Defense Department from the "Clean Air Act and from hazardous waste laws at thousands of firing and bombing ranges nationwide." The consequences of these actions would be the contamination of water across the country with perchlorate. Also, cash-strapped states would no longer be eligible to receive reimbursements from the DOD in order to filter their contaminated water. You may recall that perchlorate has been found to cause birth defects.

Drink up, America!

This message brought to you by http://www.ivotedforgeorge.com

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You know I know you guys hate the soldiers and love terrorsts but really, think before you talk.

Um--maybe you should follow your own advice, with idiotic, ignorant, utterly incomprehensibly juvenile comments such as that. How childish.

YOU, really, should think before you type. And if you can't think, then run your post by your mommy before you press the 'add reply' button, little man.

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Not a chemist here, so how does bombing by the US Air Force result in perchlorate in the water? I'll take your word that perchlorate is a bad thing.

Anyway, I can see both sides of the argument here... for the left-wing, anti-war types, it's obvious that this is just another evil perpetrated by the big bad US Army. Saving our environment (and our children's lives) is much more important than bomb practice.

For the right-wing, pro-military types, it's obvious that the military must be exempt from such confining rules. Defending the nation is much more important that some little creek turning green.

Depends which side you're on, I guess, and I don't see an easy solution.

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The general consensus among environmental groups in the states right now is George W. Bush is the #1 threat to the environment. In just over 3 short years, his administration has castrated the EPA, rolled back legislation that took 30 long years of battling special interest lobbies and cranky cronyist Senators to enact, and has basically done everything but actually build a time machine to throw the U.S. back into the glory days of the 1960s when huge chemical concerns could dump whatever they wanted into Love Canal, and the city of Cleveland was heated by the fires raging in the Cuyahoga river.

I can tell you, when I leave the house in the morning and get behind someone in their brand new Hummer H2 blasting CO2 directly into my face, I feel proud to be an American. I'm proud to know that my children won't have to worry about their precious tax dollars paying for some worthless elk to live on top of a perfectly good oil field, or having their view from their subdivision messed up by some jaunty wind farm. They'll be free to roam all over this great right-wing nation in their brand new gasoline powered mega sized SUV. From the clear, fish free waters of Jeb Bush's Florida, to the rolling waves crashing off the rocks near a new nuclear power station in Schwarzenegger's California, our children can grow up knowing their great nation, while a little less free than before, is completely 100% terrorist free. As long as you don't vote Democrat, that is.

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