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  1. Bibby, judging by this thread, you have a very simplistic way of thinking. You should do political analysis for YTV, or Nickelodeon. Secretive? Hate each other? Strong-arm tactics? Vicious? Extremely brutal? You sound like an insaner version of Ann Coulter.
  2. Here's something you won't read in the mainstream right-wing media (CBC included)! I wrote this piece--give me comments, criticisms, discuss the article, and then tell everyone you can so my hits go up! Harper's Conservatives Importing Republican Distortion Tactics June 17 2004 Counterbias.com Robert Furs John Kerry voted to raise taxes 350 times. Sound like a lot? Well, that’s because the number is grossly exaggerated, and most likely a blatant twist on the facts, an inflated distortion of the truth. Continue: http://www.counterbias.com/053.html
  3. And Republicans in the U.S. want to take the U.S. out of the UN! So is this type of policy far-right or far-left?
  4. This article is about the benefits of a minority government...read and discuss. Celebrate Diversity On June 28th June 2 2004 Counterbias.com Cory M. Marshall F O C U S O N C A N A D A All this talk about minority government in Canada is encouraging for, at least, it signifies that neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives will be able to run amok in our parliament or our treasury. Should Mr. Martin find his way back into power, there would likely be a need for some kind of coalition building with him turning to either Mr. Layton or M. Duceppe to shore up government. It has been mentioned that Mr. Harper has his sights on a minority government as well. In this event, one has to wonder if the country would be thrown immediately into another federal election after the first vote on legislation. Continue: http://www.counterbias.com/044.html
  5. Incredible.. A mistake on your part, I assume? Otherwise--WOW!
  6. If not the Liberals, then who? I'd certainly hope you aren't advocating a vote for the Conservative Party! If you wan't rampant Republicanism, move to the United States. It's the last thing Canada needs. I'm thinking Green. But then, the smokable kind of greenery will be legal in Canada--AND the States--before the Green Party ever does big things in Canada. Maybe you're hoping NDP? Too socialist, no?
  7. Ontario: Yours To Discover! May 20 2004 Counterbias.com Cory M. Marshall F O C U S O N C A N A D A It must be that after a particularly conservative era a country, or a province, finds itself in ominous financial shape, and the transition to some presumably more humanistic regime tends to yield precisely just how ominous that shape is. In Ontario, the previous government managed to leave the 6.1 billion dollar deficit for the McGuinty government to first discover, then try to deal with. In any case, we are facing a severe penny pinching crisis yet, at the same time, the premier has committed to retaining the integrity and quality of public services. Continue: http://www.counterbias.com/037.html ..Good? Bad? Agree? Disagree? Discuss.
  8. Abu Ghraib, Carlson and Friedman: The Changing War Tides May 13 2004 Counterbias.com Robert Furs What a horrible week it has been for the Bush administration's war effort. If this past week could be materialized as a human being, FOX News and every Republican would be labeling him an "anti-American traitor". Continue: http://www.counterbias.com/031.html (good analysis--by me--of how the American opinion is turning against the Occupation of Iraq..)
  9. Hopefully this inspires some debate.. I think the author, the possible new Canadian political columnist on my website, makes a valid point. Sponsorship Debacle is Only a Fraction of a Quagmire Apr 28 2004 Counterbias.com Cory M. Marshall Que-sais je? What do I know? I know that the former leader of a shipping company continues to steer the country, along with the vast majority of nations, on a course set by his predecessor to keep our country clear of the calamity that evolves from the aggression against Iraq. Continue reading: http://www.counterbias.com/020.html
  10. As far as I've seen, the Conservative Party tries to base itself on the Republican Party of the United States. That in itself is extreme cause for concern.
  11. Absolutely not. I'm a moderate, small-L liberal. I'll be voting Liberal in this election because, quite frankly, there isn't a better choice for me. NDP is too socialist and has no chance of winning in my area anyway, whereas the Liberals have a miniscule chance of winning it. And I would NEVER vote for the Alliance Conservatives. The thought of Republicanizing my country just sickens the hell out of me. Canada's right has moved further right, it seems to me. It follows how America's formerly-conservative party, the Republicans, have moved right (on some issues at least, such as foreign policy and taxes, while going far left on things like domestic spending). If Canada became the new Mini Bush Country, I'd have to find another country to live in.
  12. Well, Harper's out-of-the-mainstream "extremist" tendencies are exemplified by the fact that you, of all people, don't see anything "extremist" about him.
  13. Um--maybe you should follow your own advice, with idiotic, ignorant, utterly incomprehensibly juvenile comments such as that. How childish. YOU, really, should think before you type. And if you can't think, then run your post by your mommy before you press the 'add reply' button, little man.
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