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  1. My goodness, what an embarassing moment for Justin/CBC at the UN General Assembly. The CBC pitched his speech as the return of Mahatma Gandhi. The juvenile buzzphrases he spouted as the 17th speaker were to a mostly empty room. Cringeworthy.

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    2. capricorn


      I think he's trying very hard not to bat his eyes at reporters when he's taking questions from the media.

    3. Topaz


      my undersytanding is Canada is usually given the lunch hour and that why Harper and Justin didn't have that many people there.

    4. overthere


      Justin did not have many people there because they nearly all left after Obama spoke, but more importantly because Canada just does not matter that much despite being 'here to help'. It's a rookie mistake- if he wants people to actually sit in the seats while he talks, he should make those fat handouts to the leaders of failed states contingent on attendance.

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