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  1. I don't think the opinion of any civilian on either side of the debate (battlefield executions) measures in this unless you've been there or bore witness to combat beyond TV or video games. :angry:
  2. Looks like Canadian women aren't the only one to bemoan the loss of the man.
  3. How do you stop five crackers from raping a white woman? Throw them a golf ball. How many white girls does it take to screw in a light? None, white girls can’t screw How many white men does it take to screw in a light bulb? One, white men will screw anything What do you call a bunch of white guys sitting on a bench? The NBA What do you call a mob of white people in Montreal burning down the city? A hockey victory. What do you call a white woman with a yeast infection? Crackers with cheese. What does a white woman and a tampon have in common? They’re both stuck up cunts. White people think T-shirts are underwear. Why do white people like to play hockey? It’s the only other way to beat something black up if they’re not a cop. Now let's return to white guys accusing each other over who is the bigger racist.
  4. I believe it is the bill that allows American war defectors full pardons or some such nonsense. I know libs aren't exactly soldier friendly but maybe the liberals wised up when they realised that trying to pass a bill that pardons yank draft dodgers and army deserters while Canadian ones (from the same wars even) are still punished was a bit of a stretch even for them?
  5. Something quite self evident on these forums. I am applauding the Alberta government for not bending to the actions of the left in other provinces in first going after Kijiji and now Craigslist. Where the hell are you going to find W4MWW otherwise?
  6. I loved all the fans who showed up in bras to mock Burris. Next time Calgary plays Edmonton (or if they make it to the Grey Cup), I'll be sure to wear one from my private stock.
  7. Just to point out, I placed the author, date and location in italics at the bottom of the article in the OP.
  8. Would rather be killing Taliban

  9. Alberta isn't following Ontario and Manitoba in demanding that online classifieds website Craigslist stop publishing adult erotic services ads that police and experts say are being used for sex trafficking. Read more: http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/Alberta+stop+traffic/3681525/story.html#ixzz12dmnIvJf
  10. If it was as hard as you claim NFLD wouldn't have been able to join and Nunavut wouldn't have been carved out of Bob. The majority in Northern Ontario do not feel their wishes are being respected. When you travel to places like Kenora, Dryden and Thunder Bay they have absolutely no interest in being in Ontario at all and Winnipeg and Minneapolis are far more important cities then Toronto.
  11. A few years ago the Liberals decided to help some of their better party supporters by creating a national boaters license so these former fund raisers could form authorised distribution and testing centres and of course, suddenly criminalise all those folks who had been fishing in their little 14 foot dingies for the past half century. These new "companies" then charged you 50 dollars to write a multiple choice test (as many times as it took to pass no extra charge) and you were issued with a paper license that had no ID number, picture, no registration with any government or cross referencing system and if you lose the so called license you must write the test again. However, because the system was such a joke and obvious patronage reward, the Conservatives have promised to change the system sometime this fall doing away with the online testing and making the questions harder so if you have been neglecting getting your operator's permit, time is running out from when it is 50 bucks and a few clicks of the mouse to a 2 day hands on course and exam by certified tester costing hundreds.
  12. Adding another province is pretty simple overall. I didn't write the article and you have an interesting take on what constitutes a majority. The choice of Northern Ontarians to secede would be their choice and not Toronto's.
  13. Well, here we go. D-Day. Decision day. All the marbles. Biggest game of the century (this week's edition). Except for one of the teams, it isn't. The Calgary Stampeders go into Regina on Sunday afternoon with their tails between their legs, based on having lost three of the last four, one of them to the B.C. Lions, for gosh sakes. But if the 10-4 White Stallions can stomp on the 9-4 Saskatchewan Roughriders they will pretty much wrap up first place in the Western Division by dint of being four points up, three to play and holding the tiebreaker because of winning the season series. Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/story/2010/10/17/sp-riderstamps.html#ixzz12dg2Prdj
  14. Maybe it’s time for Northern Ontario to think about going it alone In my 45 years of living in Ontario, I have never seen such a tremendous rift between its southern and northern halves. The corporate, media and political elites of Toronto have grown so out of touch with the economic hardships and challenges of the North that for the second time in my life I have come to the conclusion that it would be in the best interests of Northern Ontario to secede from the south and form its own province. When I was a teenager in the mid 1970s, I was sympathetic to the Northern Ontario Heritage Party. Ed Deibel, a North Bay businessman, unsuccessfully tried to separate from the south in order to establish social, economic and cultural justice for the distinct people of Northern Ontario. Perhaps the time is right to revisit Ed Deibel’s worthy dream. A separate Northern Ontario would encompass approximately 85 per cent of the province’s land mass, using the French and Mattawa Rivers as the traditional boundary between north and south. With a population of roughly 838,812, according to the 2001 census, Canada’s eleventh province would be larger than New Brunswick, P.E.I. and Newfoundland, and would be eligible for more money in federal equalization payments as a “have not province” than it currently receives from Queen’s Park. It was Toronto Sun columnist Christina Blizzard’s recent article blandly stating that the North is a willing host for Toronto’s garbage that finally convinced me to revisit the issue of Northern separation. I feel the Toronto media’s southern, colonial arrogance towards the North is only fuelling the cultural differences between the two regions. The North is as much a willing host for Toronto’s garbage as an under age crack addicted prostitute is to a middle aged john. But our problems are deeper than southern ignorance. During the past five years, 40,000 people have left Northern Ontario due to lack of economic opportunities a modern version of the Highland clearings that took place in Scotland during the early 1800s or the Irish potato famine. At a time when the GTA is choking on its own growth, housing is unaffordable, traffic and border crossings are paralyzed, many in the North wonder why more jobs couldn’t be located in their region. Is there no vision in the south’s corporate and political leadership to address the economic problems of Northern Ontario? How about expediting those tax incentive zones that would encourage economic development? How about transferring 5,000 provincial civil service jobs to the North and helping stabilize many of the one industry towns? How about encouraging corporate call centres to locate or relocate in the North by extending tax incentives? It is actually quite pathetic to see Toronto, the wealthiest city in Canada, aggressively courting low end call centre jobs. Those opportunities should be redirected to Northern Ontario, helping the diversification of many smaller communities and offering a much more affordable standard of living to the hourly wage earning workers. The cancellation of the spring bear hunt is another example of southern political arrogance $50 million eliminated from the Northern tourism economy without adequate compensation to make up for the loss. Sweden and Finland have innovative approach to northern districts Sweden and Finland have an entirely different and creative approach to their northern regions. They heavily invest in northern universities, knowing that the engineering, medical and legal faculties will encourage people to stay and create jobs in their northern regions. The province could do the same and begin with establishing a modern $50 million mining engineering school at Sudbury’s Laurentian University, just as Laurentian economist David Robinson suggests. It would enhance the city’s status as a centre of mining excellence and eventually generate start up companies. Engineering faculties in North America are reknowned as generators of new companies and jobs. Ontario has established a joint medical school for Sudbury and Thunder Bay, to be sure a positive initiative. However, the constant delays in building the new one site Sudbury Regional Hospital in which these new doctors will be trained is no closer to completion than two years ago. In fact, medical school classes are likely to begin before the hospital is completed. A technology program dedicated to the secondary manufacture of wood products should be set up with the local college or university in Thunder Bay, the centre of some of North America’s richest forests. Currently, Northern Ontario predominately exports raw lumber instead of finished goods like furniture, flooring and building supplies. Other provinces and border states actively promote the secondary manufacturing of wood products, with government sponsored trade associations and export offices Ontario does nothing in this realm for economic development. Sudbury larger than P.E.I. The arguments for a separate Northern Ontario are many. In fact Greater Sudbury, at $4.5 billion, has a larger gross domestic product than P.E.I. ($3.5 billion). The federal government spent billions connecting P.E.I. to the mainland, and has so far offered not one penny to help four lane Highway 69 South, the gateway route to northeastern Ontario that remains a single lane death trap, inhibiting economic development. The North is tired and resentful of being viewed as just a summer playground for southerners and is very bitter seeing their sons and daughters migrating to the south to find employment. Northern Ontario makes up only eight per cent of Ontario’s population and will always be outnumbered by the south. The North’s resource and economic issues will always be of secondary importance to the south. The migration of 40,000 people in the past five years is glaring evidence that the current policies are not working. If southern Ontario cannot come up with effective economic policies for northern development, other than being a garbage dump for Toronto’s trash, then the time has come for the North to separate and become the master of its own destiny. This entry was posted on Monday, February 16th, 2009 at 3:29 pm and is filed under Northern Ontario Separation, Stan Sudol.
  15. The only reason Canada weathered the economic storm so well is thanks to the solid footing the Liberal Party placed Canada in under Paul Martin who built his successes in part upon the GST, free trade and severe deficit fighting that occurred under Mulroney and his ilk. Sure each party did it poorly. Mulroney brought in free trade, closed overseas bases, slashed military personnel and the civil service and created the GST all in the face of overwhelming opposition by Canadians. Meanwhile, Martin slashed healthcare transfers, decimated military funding, carried on Mulroney's bank reforms and outright lied about the GST being scrapped but in the end, all the things Canadians hated over the past 20 years did help put us on fairly solid ground when the worst economic downturn arrived. So just as I think it is completely unfair to hold the Conservatives accountable for downturns right now, I also don't think they deserve too much credit for upswings either.
  16. I don`t think you`ve been paying attention to this guy. Some of the things he says would get him banned on the average political forum and he`s a world leader. I think that if there were ever a country to have nukes and irrational, suicidal and martyring idiots Iran is definitely in the top 3.
  17. 1. I have deep roots on the prairie. My family fought at Batoche on both sides and were defined there. I have a spot in a closed St. Albert historical cemetery near an ancestor that is considered a hero of Canada (or an enemy of the Metis); 2. I am a wealth generator. I do not work for government or someone else. I create wealth, employ Canadians and help to generate a larger GDP; 3. I farm. It is the oldest profession and the foundation for civilisation, religion and every comfort you know. Again, I am an independent producer rather then a consumer or user; 4. I am a veteran. I have been deployed several times and dutifully went where my country demanded; 5. Despite my very busy schedule I remain a reservist and train both regular and reserve soldiers in the service of their country; 6. I believe absolutely in the principles of Confederation as expressed by the founding fathers of our country. 7. I pledged my eternal allegiance to Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom, Canada and Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith. I have never broke faith with Her unlike the many who commit treason to question the value of the Monarchy. 8. I refuse to purchase anything from abroad that I cannot buy in Canada first, even if it costs a bit more. I put in considerable research into products. This is no small amount either. My expenditures through myself, farm and company though small in the grand scheme, still exceed several million per year that could easily go overseas. 9. I travel extensively within Canada while my peers purchase homes in Arizona or California. I say someone mention the salmon run as an example and I was there at Adam`s river a week ago for just that. 10. Other things of interest: was the youngest ever member of the Canadian Club Hamilton chapter in the early 1980s. Worked as a minion with Mel Hurtig in the creation of the Canada Council and the National Party, orchestrated a petition drive and protests against Famous Players when they dropped the playing of the national anthem, put all my kids through French immersion even though I can`t string 10 words in French together, actively promoted the Turks and Caicos joining Confederation. Bonus: Preparing to release from the primary reserve in the near future and planning to become an Honouary Colonel which means I donate $50,000 to an active military unit and am expected to pony up. I am not happy with the current inequities within Confederation. I am displeased with the way our leaders have sold out our country for their advancement of their parties. I am ashamed we are still a country and nowhere near being a nation. Canada has legislation to facilitate the secession of any province. The Golden Horseshoe is the largest man made environmental catastrophe in Canada and is easily visual from space. There are no plans to even reclaim any of the land let alone actually try to. The Golden Horseshoe is the greatest single contributor to Canada`s carbon emission totals
  18. M/Fing interceptions are killing us this season.
  19. Safety touch puts the spread at 7 points now for the good guys at the top of the fourth.
  20. But what about the paradox when the traitor in question is more of a citizen then the accuser likely is? Nope. I have strong leanings of sympathy for them. Tolerance, understanding and engaging in meaningful debate only goes so far as your preconceived notions huh? Listen faggot, you're not a big fan of the Monarchy as I recall and technically under the current laws of this country, advocating SepAration over the dissolution of the Monarchy is less traitourous. Especially when they freeze in the dark.
  21. What is that? Product name for one of those synthetic Japanese love dolls?
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