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  1. Got that right. You would think that the average Iraqi would have a complete political system in place in order to counter this US backed government. No, the US made sure that they didn't, just so they could steal their oil. Next, the USwill invade other countries like Iran and so on and forth. Maybe these countries will have a complete political system ready to take over the transfer of power so that the US cannot interfere once they have ousted the dictators and Clerics. I, like you Black Dog, know that there are groups that have popular backing from the people of each country simply waiting for UN to allow them to take power. A question to those who support the US aggression. Why did the US not consult with these popular political parties prior to the invasion? Why did they not set them up as a transitional government? Black Dog, you are one of the few around here that I have seen that make sense. The Right cannot have it both ways. Either Saddam was supporting terrorists or else he was giving them aid with money and such. Unlike you, they have failed to make a connection. Saddam only gave money to terrorists and thereby was not aiding them. Absolutely. Saddam did not have WMD. So what if after the UN lifted sanctions and left the area would have resumed trying to accquire them? The US could simply mobilize troops again when the need arose. Like a cop in Toronto when faced with a stoned maniac with a knife. Don't shoot the guy when he lunges, wait until he actually strikes somebody. Then you have a case. It was all done so Cheny could make a few bucks off his Haliburton stock. And of course, so Bush could be like Hitler and own the world, thereby expanding his spread on his Crawford Texas Ranch. And steal Iraq's oil.
  2. They are truly barbarians. Ask any one of them when they stopped beating their wives and the reply will be one of aggression and a non commital type of disbelief. In this world of gentle people they stand out alone as terrorists.
  3. OK, going to do something daring here, admit an error. He pushed hard in the right place. With correct pressure. Not overwhelming Churchillian pressure and willpower, but correct pressure. And don't put down Carter, he was instrumental l in getting the Shah out of power and giving it back to the people.
  4. Don't go patting his corpse on the back to hard there Stoker, the USSR was not the former stronghold of power that it once was. He simply pushed hard in the right place.
  5. LOL, he was a right wing nut disguised as a pacifist. In order to go against the British he sacrificed thousands of his own whom he knew would be beaten, killed and maimed before the world discovered what the British were doing. I guess to all those with aggression, both Left and Right, the end justifies the means. A good end if you were not one of those beaten or killed but another one entirely if you were. Kind of like the US in Iraq. Great for those who live but terrible for those who die. Let's move onto the Freedom Riders, how many died and were beaten that otherwise would have lived peaceful lives with the status quo? A nut is a nut, and they are all Right Wing. even when disguised as Left Wing Pacifists. As soon as they throw others in harms way they become Right Wing nuts, only the end difers the theological outlook.
  6. You are of course 100% right Caesar. They took existing resolutions that were designed to avoid military confrontation, and twisted them, stretced them, tore and reconstructed them into their own convoluted reasoning. And in this re-reasoning of the UN's strong will, they somehow justified this illeagal oil for blood theft of democracy in Iraq to the voting saps of the USA. It may have worked for the Pro War baby killers but tosensitive thinking people like you and I, they fooled nobody.
  7. And becomes an unstoppable object in motion. In order to set it in motion usually takes violence or in the least confrontation against a sedintary entity. Violence usually where little or none existed before (Iraq) And environmental harm is the product. If you find anything Right about being at peace and Leftist about wanting to keep things the way they are then I seriously question your political convictions.
  8. I agree. They can be identified by their fat cat bank accounts. Follow the money. Isn't this why we have a UN? They should go in and fight the US, get them out of Iraq, at least they can make a resolution or something for crying out loud!.
  9. The only terrorists are the US and Israel. And wait until there is a democratic vote in Iraq. What next? A chicken in every pot, freedom? The whole damm place is going to hell in a handbasket, next thing you know, instead of the prospect of death and destruction as experienced under Saddam, they will follow the US lead and start forcing criminals and rapists to wear underwear on their heads. Some progress. Exactly. Iraq was a first world industrial society complete with and effective government, now look at it! They should go immediately and get the UN to take over, get rid of Haliburton and Cheny and bring in some Arab solution to this quagmire. Maybe a Yemneni contruction company to restore it to it's former self. Got that right, and you can bet they were subsidized by the Zionist entity Israel too. They're all in bed together you know - Saddam, Bush, Sharone. The US tries to place blame on Al Queda, sure. The only propaganda I see is comming from the US. Freedom and democracy, ony if it is their democracy. The insurgents want to take Iraq and turn it over to an elected government while the US wants to enslave the Muslims so they can steal the oil. It seems the only non propaganda these days is comming from intellectuals like Martin Sheen, Danny Glover, Michael Moore (and Sean Penn as well when he isn't high, and moreso when he is.)
  10. Excellent expose' Caesar! I only hope that this 'illegal Bush Administration hears your wise words and takes the necessary action to defeat these enemies from within so that they can get down to killing Muslims in a more humane and expeidient way. Thereby once againregaining the moral high ground. Peace, and recycle.
  11. You're right, they should have really done stuff that Arabs can accept like chop off heads or rape wives. In reality, it is much more torturre to an Arab to degrade him. America has done the worst thing possible by staying on the moral high ground. Who's moral high ground? Theirs. time for them to become more Liberal like the Arabs themselves and start to install dictatorships rather than democracy. As we all know, America has nothing to offer in that sense except Korporate Kapitulation.
  12. A Jihad is only necessary in order to fulfil one's promise to Allah. Don't get me wrong, I am no Muslim, rather an athiest (as any sane person would be) but believe that religious tolerance should be our main export rather than our own version of a 'Western Jihad.' After all, two wrongs don't make a right, I suppose in Bush's case, he's going to try to correct it all with three. .
  13. Of course. The end justifies the means, even if millions more die while installing that democracy.
  14. Because the US disarmed Saddam years before. That's why he had them and then didn't have them. The US stole them from him.
  15. And I suppose that installing democracy and stealing oil and any left over WMD is preferable in your distorted right wing world that is fueled by the military industrial complex right?
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