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  1. Where does the 3 billion deficit come from??? PBO was projecting a surplus just 10 days ago And the most up-to-date fiscal numbers show a surplus of 2.9 billion
  2. I'm aware of that TB but thought the GM shares were included in the earlier projections. As for comparing spending cuts between Harper/Martin, I've always felt Martin's cuts were a bit too harsh but I also understand how necessary they were in the context of that era. With that being said those cuts are probably still visible in infrastructure and strained health services. Harper's cuts seemed more gradual and he always mentions preferring cutting growth of spending. However they probably attributed to the recession by taking stimulus out of the economy.
  3. how much credit will Harper receive for future deficits??? His last two budgets will probably be balanced and how will be able to distinguish any future structural deficits with the liberal deficits?? I only mention that because projections can change and the libs will also make adjustments. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the PBO projections of April projected a deficit for this fiscal year but today's projections indicate a small surplus. Again please correct if I'm misinterpreting the data.
  4. The Tories need to realize Canadians do not trust them so changing the tone will not be seen as sincere. However, Rona should get some benefit of the doubt but instead I've seen quite a few people start tearing her down (not on this site) What bothers me is it is coming from people that were disgusted by negative politics.
  5. gov spending to GDP is low since the Dief years if I remember reading right maybe that is what is being referee to
  6. If we consider where the LPC came from in 2011 a CPC win in 2019 is not impossible. However, the party might need to realize that it could be in opposition for an extended time. I think they need to consider a leader that is effective in making sure the Liberals don't veer too far to the right. An example would be the 90's which I feel despite the issues in the conservative movement the liberals cut deficits, cut taxes, etc. The present conservative movement might need to play more defense than offense.
  7. I'm all for openness but there has to be a better way of consulting than flying first ministers and leaders over. I guess that is a smaller criticism in perspective of a important summit, but the precedent going forward is concerning.
  8. is Bernard lord a red tory??? he has been out of politics for a long time so i can't really remember but i don't think he has much connection to either side of the party which could be a benefit. Coming from provincial politics can mean he could re brand himself as a bridge tory.
  9. the options are not very inspiring Bernard Lord would have been interesting but he has been out of politics for 9 years and i'm not sure what his profile is in the CPC/throughout the country
  10. I prefer AV over PR I would like to avoid the pitfalls of PR and think ranked voting strengths outweigh its flaws.
  11. Ralph Goodale or Brison in finance Dion back at environment would be interesting but he may get foreign affairs
  12. Transparency and openes might go beyond the PM of the time because multiple leaders and successive governments have failed in that regard and it seems the successful PMs had that kind of control. So it seems more of product of the environment but it would be nice to see some changes in that regard
  13. Didn't want to make a new thread but I guess this thread can fit in the scope of democratic reform. Strategic voting comes up often because of the flaws of FPTP and PR is also mentioned as a solution but I want to mentioned ranked voting. I think it could work and offer less flaws than a PR system
  14. i wouldn't assume seniors are going to vote conservative. while their general view points might tend to be conservative my sense is that older voters might be attracted to a younger more generational leader.
  15. Ekos wasn't an outlier at that time Forum Angus Reid and i believe innovation showed similar CPC support
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