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  1. I received a ten-percenter today from my MP, Patrick Brown, claiming that rolling back this year's corporate tax cut would raise taxes on 'ma and pa' shops: Corporations that qualify for the small business deduction pay a net federal tax rate of 11%, and are not affected by this corporate tax cut: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/bsnss/tpcs/crprtns/rts-eng.html
  2. My MP, Patrick Brown, doesn't seem to be too interested in attending Thursday afternoon committee meetings, having sent someone else in his place at 2 of the last 3 Thursday afternoon meetings of the Health Committee. According to his Twitter blog, he was on a plane back to the riding chatting up CBC's Ron Maclean at the time of the first meeting, and attended a gala at a local racetrack on the evening of the second meeting. Apparently, Brown and Maclean discussed 'Hockey Night in Barrie', which is a fund-raiser for the local hospital that started out in 2004 as a hockey game between hospital staff and hockey celebrities, but which Brown has managed to usurp and turn into a partisan political event. I recently received a taxpayer-funded newsletter from Brown which consisted almost entirely of photos, including 29 photos from last year's 'Hockey Night in Barrie', which took place more than 6 months ago and was widely covered by the media.
  3. It looks like OpenParliament has decided that my MP is the American chairman of the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission: From the Niagara Fall's Bridge Commission's web site:
  4. Federal Tax Revenue - Income Tax: 2007-2008: Personal $113,062,564,000.00 Corporate $40,627,679,000.00 2008-2009: Personal $116,024,280,000.00 Corporate $29,475,891,000.00 2009-2010: Personal $103,947,000,000.00 Corporate $30,361,000,000.00 Source: Public Accounts of Canada
  5. I received a reply from OpenParliament.ca to my email on December 21 and was assured that the articles were removed.
  6. First, allow me to say that I think the web site OpenParliament.ca is a great resource, however, a recent experience has me questioning how reliable the information on this site is. I use the site to follow media coverage of my local MP, Patrick Brown. Recently the site posted links to three articles about a group of lawyers offering to represent injured veterans at no cost. One of the lawyers mentioned in the articles is named Patrick Brown. These links were posted on the OpenParliament.ca page for Barrie MP Patrick Brown. While the Barrie MP is a non-practicing lawyer, he is not the lawyer referred to in the articles. I sent an email to the site's owner, but have received no response and the articles remain on the OpenParliament.ca page for the Barrie MP.
  7. From the article I linked to above: Source: http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/canada/breakingnews/gun-tracing-regulations-delayed-for-third-time-by-harper-government--111348704.html This thread is about firearms marking regulations, not the gun registry.
  8. Gun tracing regulations delayed for third time by Harper government http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/canada/breakingnews/gun-tracing-regulations-delayed-for-third-time-by-harper-government--111348704.html
  9. That vote was about the gun registry. This thread is about regulations which would require gun importers to mark legally imported guns so that police can distinguish them from illegally-smuggled guns. The marking regulations allow police to trace firearms used in crimes more quickly.
  10. It seems that idiots don't read either. This thread is not about the gun registry.
  11. They've done it again: This time they've put off the regulations for another two years! The Conservatives try to portray themselves as the party of law-and-order, but they've shamefully delayed these regulations that police support in order to please the gun lobby. And that's not all ... You can't be tough-on-crime when you put the interests of the gun lobby ahead of public safety.
  12. MP Patrick Brown's assistant seems to view Remembrance Day as an opportunity to sleep in: Source: http://twitter.com/tab_nav/status/2526123132981248
  13. What about this? Source: http://northerndevelopment.bc.ca/news/71/18/Northern-BC-Communities-Electrified-Over-Federal-130-Million-Investment-in-the-Northwest-Transmission-Line Source: http://www.actionplan.gc.ca/eng/feature.asp?featureId=4 ... or this? The population of the Yukon is about 35,000. That works out to more than $2,000 per person.
  14. So you don't have any evidence to support your theory that this might be a frame job? Doesn't sound like you're on the side of evidence to me. Instead of questioning the evidence that's been found so far, why don't you produce some evidence to support your theory?
  15. How do you know they're not? The registration for promptpolitical.com lists Mr. Henley as the registrant. The Afterburner Cup website contained a message at the bottom of each page that said it was copyright '[email protected]'. The Afterburner Cup's website is advertised on MP Brian Storseth's website. I think you're really stretching to come up with a conspiracy theory to explain what's happened. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.
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