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  1. Suspended again, 2 months. I think I'm done with this place. It's been fun you can all follow me on [email protected]_Canada

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    2. Smallc


      Allah be praised.

    3. Argus


      What was it this time, Islam or Aspartame?

    4. The_Squid


      Best news I've heard all day!

  2. Many conspiracies have been proven true over the years. Are you willing to take that chance on the entire human race? There is documented proof that the aristocrats plan to only keep 500 million people living on Earth. They want the planets dwindling resources for themselves. They are the only ones deemed worthy of them. They want to populate the planet with their pure blood and not that of the stupid masses.
  3. If anyone is lying it's Obama about his plan to make criticism of Islam illegal.
  4. If you'd rather live in China's system may I suggest you vacation there and see how you like it? They have fishing there too.
  5. Bryan, it really depends on what you plan to do with your PC as you've sort of mentioned.
  6. I wonder how the public would feel about the NDP having state run media instead of the media we have now.
  7. I am reading about the conspiracy to kill of 90% of the worlds population by nefarious means.
  8. t's very easy to make netflix think you're in the USA. I have the American Netflix. Google is your friend.
  9. The people are being poisoned by Aspartame and killed slowly by medicine. The vaccines are really designed to make people sterile. These methods are called soft kill, as opposed to hard kill which would be bullets and bombs. The aristocrats only want 500 million people to be living on the Earth in order to only allow them to use the worlds depleting resources. Earthquakes are playing an important part as well. The government can and is creating earthquakes to kill people and control the population.
  10. It's interesting how many Americans don't mind their free speech to be potentially limited by The Obama. He never criticized Islam, allowing Islam to win the war on free speech.
  11. So you'll be ok with it if he makes criticism of al l religions illegal and continues to run $1 trillion debts each year for 4 more years?
  12. If I wanted to do this I would use multiple proxies to hide my original IP. Then they can do nothing to prove anything like this.
  13. Why do you continue to talk down to me? You continually take this position of being superior to me. Why?
  14. And now you're going to talk down to me? very nice. You're supposed to set the example here. just so I understand you. You're saying the by not giving an answer this Obama staffer is protecting free speech in the future and you guarantee that the Obama administration will never try to limit criticism of any religions. is this correct? In addition the Obama staff continually blaming an anti Islam video for the attacks is an attack on free speech. I'm sure you'll say that blaming the video is in support of free speech right MH? You say the opposite of whatever I say.
  15. No amount of fancy talk by you is going to take away from the fact that this guy didn't say that Obama wouldn't try to restrict free speech. So keep skirting the issue and keep trying to attack me personally, it just doesn't change the fact that the DOJ refused to answer the question.keep cherry picking my posts as well, I love it.
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