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  1. Right. I think you've made my point: It's difficult to get a mortgage on Indigenous land. I've been told some use a good truck/car as collateral for a bank loan instead of a mortgage, to build/improve a house.
  2. Don't toss around insults if you yourself do not know the truth. You can find info about the 'accepted' Welland Canal claim here: http://www.sixnations.ca/LandsResources/CurrentClaim.htm You can do the calculations yourself, using a money conversion site. However, there's some question about whether the original numbers were in pounds sterling. The "accounting" you wish to see has not been produced by Canada. In fact, the government of Canada refuses to produce any accounting for Six Nations trust fund. Does that surprise you? There's no "statute of limitations" on Aboriginal rights and titles. Canada made sure no troublesome 'Indian' claims would be made by making it illegal for them to litigate land claims (1924-1969). They weren't allowed to have religious ceremonies or meetings either. Now they can. The limitation on settlements is that it must address a balancing of the rights and interests of all parties.
  3. You can qualify for a car loan based on your credit history (but not a mortgage, because the land is owned in common). You buy an expensive car/truck that keeps its value better, pay it off quickly, THEN you can use it for collateral on another loan to build/buy a house. Excuse me for not being clear.
  4. Your potshots at Canada and Canadians are soooo not amusing, and you don't speak well for your countrymen. Don't you have something to discuss about something that matters to you ... somewhere else?
  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somalia_Affair A death in custody automatically triggered an investigation, and two days later Matchee and Brown were arrested and charged with the murder and National Defence Headquarters was advised. Matchee later attempted to hang himself in his cell; the attempt failed but caused massive brain damage, making him unfit to stand trial. Brown was found guilty of manslaughter. Major Anthony Seward, commanding officer of 2er Commando, was convicted of Negligent Performance of Duties.[23] He was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment in the Canadian Forces Service Prison and Detention Barracks and dismissal with disgrace from the Canadian Forces. Pte. Brocklebank was charged with negligent performance of military duty, as prosecutors alleged he was bound by the Fourth Geneva Convention to ensure the safety of civilian prisoners. He was acquitted because the court found that the Convention did not apply to the Somali peacekeeping mission since there "was no evidence of an armed conflict".[24] With the continued accumulation of such politically damaging visibility, the Minister of National Defence ordered the Canadian Airborne Regiment disbanded in 1995. It has been suggested that this move was as much driven by budget cuts to the Canadian Forces as by the Somalia Affair, but there is no question that the affair gave the Minister the public support needed to disband the regiment. The Chief of the Defence Staff General John de Chastelain, who had not supported the minister's disbandment order of the Airborne, resigned under a cloud. His successor, Air Force General Jean Boyle was forced to resign only a few months after accepting the role when, in a gesture uncharacteristic of military tradition, he blamed his subordinates for previous wrong doing under his command. Minister of National Defence David Collenette was also forced to resign, partially due to the affair. No one is still in jail, but there certainly were repercussions.
  6. You are wrong. Omar was born in Canada, is a Canadian citizen, and has rights as a Canadian.
  7. Bonam, I'm shocked! What were the positive aspects of the waves and waves immigrants to the earlier immigrants? Every new wave of immigrants is discriminated against. They always have been. This decade's target-of-choice is Muslims. Ho hum! Deja vu!
  8. Check the topic - "Muslims Muslims Muslims". You are off base.
  9. So lictor, have you come up with your definition of "good integration" yet? (I gotta hear this!)
  10. One-year halt ordered for Simcoe County dump site Proposed landfill sits on top of aquifer, opponents argue Aug 25, 2009 06:52 PM Gail Swainson Staff Reporter MIDHURST – Simcoe County councillors voted this afternoon in favour of a one-year moratorium on the controversial development of the "Site 41" garbage dump in Tiny Township northwest of Barrie. Pressure had been building on the councillors to halt the development over fears it would contaminate an underground reservoir that scientists say provides some of the cleanest drinking water in the world. "I knew we were going to get it," said Tiny township Mayor Peggy Breckenridge after the 22-10 vote at Simcoe County Council in favour of a one-year moratorium on the 20.7-hectare garbage facility. "Now comes the next step, and that will be to kill Dump Site 41." In the past few months, widespread support for a one-year moratorium had zoomed, with a growing list of celebrity opponents joining the cause. Everyone from U.S environmental activist Ralph Nader – who visited Site 41 two weeks ago and wrote Premier Dalton McGuinty to voice his opposition – to Canada's UN water czar Maude Barlow and former Toronto mayor David Crombie, to local residents, politicians, trade unionists and First Nations people has called on the county to take a second look before opening the dump site. more ... http://www.thestar.com/news/ontario/article/686373 http://news.google.com/news/search?pz=1&am...;q=dump+site+41 I am glad they dropped the damages against two of the leaders. Now let's see them drop ALL the charges !!
  11. But you can't be guilty if you didn't throw the grenade. You would know that if you followed the pre-trial.
  12. monkeyman, There are some people here who are racists and white supremacists. Argus and lictor616 aren't worth arguing with on questions of race/culture (the only topics they're interested in) as there are no limits to their hatred and depravity. They do not represent Canadians. My advice: Just use their posts as a reason to provide useful information for other readers who are interested in learning, and report their more racist comments as offensive. For example, Argus keeps talking about '10,000 dead' from Muslim terrorists. Do you have any idea how many innocent Muslims are dead because of western intervention? I am pretty sure that in Iraq alone, that number is a whole lot higher than 10,000. In fact, I've heard estimates of up to half a million children, not even counting other civilians.
  13. http://stopdumpsite41.ca WE WON! One-year moratorium carries 22-10 We did it! Today Simcoe County Council voted 22-10, a weighted voted of 83-39 on a motion in favour of a one-year moratorium, put forward by Tiny Township Mayor Peggy Breckenridge and seconded by New Tecumseth Mayor Mike MacEachern. “It was a miracle of coming together,” said Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians. “All your hard work paid off,” Anne Ritchie Nahuis told jubilant supporters at the county administration centre in Midhurst. “Thank you to everybody for standing with the First Nations people to stop this – I’m very very pleased,” said Vicki Monague of Beausoleil Island First Nation. Council voted to drop the claim for damages against Monague and Ritchie Nahuis. Adjala-Tosorontio Deputy Mayor Doug Little will be proposing a motion to the September meeting of county council to permanently close down Dump Site 41. Full report of today’s council meeting tomorrow. It’s time to celebrate! This entry was posted on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 at 6:08 pm and is filed under News. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Yahoo!!! Congratulations and thank you to all the people who have worked so hard against this dump for so may years!
  14. In my neighbourhood, the poor whities use a shopping cart to take their empties back, and beg by the door if they're short. As for vehicles ... You can't get a mortgage if you live on 'reserve' - common lands can't be used as collateral - so they buy an expensive vehicle and use it as collateral to get a loan to build a house. Big deal.
  15. I find it interesting that new Canadians easily and quickly identify as "Canadian", since they've worked toward that goal for some time. However, they often find that 'white Christian' Canadians do NOT see them as Canadian. In other words, we have the problem, not them. So ... let's revise that ... "In my heart, I feel that all citizens are Canadian, regerdless of their skin colour, culture/religion, country of origin or recency of immigration." That's a Canadian.
  16. Think of the water system it could build, the college it could build, etc
  17. I didn't refer to them as "aboriginals". Yes the Nations have names. For some reason you are trying to derail the thread, and I do think you should butt out.
  18. A Canadian will ... Speak English (French if he's in Quebec in my opinion). Know a little about Canada's culture (food, radio shows, t.v., history, politics, economy, geography) Have Canadian friends. Speak with and have friends from other countries of origin. Define what it means to "feel Canadian". Respect the law, if you don't respect it you could pay the consequences, whoever you are and wherever you're from. -------- A Canadian is not necessarily White and Christian.
  19. I think he's being sarcastic.
  20. Actually, yes they are. Well, no. Canadians do not impose a religion on others. Freedom of religion and freedom from religion are the Canadian way. No we don't, and that's not happening in Canada.
  21. Do you speak as contemptuously about Native American issues in your US?
  22. beautiful. true. Canada's net negative birth rate. And of course, we have a boomer blip in the seniors range needing support. Then we'll have an immigration blip of Canadians, who certainly want to have a vote on how their taxes are spent. Such is life. Change is the only constant. We are all peoples of the earth, all have a vote.
  23. GOOD NEWS!! (MINISTER OF THE ENIRONMENT) Gerretsen meets with Site 41 group, says the Modflow should be public August 24th, 2009 In brief: As the cyclists arrived at the MoE office on St. Clair W. and we were preparing for our news conference, Environment Minister John Gerretsen came out to speak to us. The cameras clustered around as Jen Meunier, Anne Ritchie-Nahuis and Mark Calzavara told him of the deficiencies in the way his ministry has been handling Dump Site 41 for years – and our dismay and alarm that now some of the purest water in the world is being contaminated, we think by the dewatering. He promised to meet inside with some representatives and six of us went in, had an hour-long meeting with his staff and met with him for half an hour. We were quite surprised to be there at all, given how hard it has been to get a hearing from any one in power. He listened, he promised to look into what we told him and he made one very significant statement, that he believes the calibrated modflow should be made public. Kate Harries http://stopdumpsite41.ca/ The Simcoe County Council votes on that tomorrow too, in response to an order from the FOI Commissioner, now past deadline and ordered again. The Ministry of the Environment can shut them down, but let's hope the Council does it themselves by voting for a moratorium tomorrow morning.
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