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  1. Perhaps you didnt read their platform, it was NOT there...in fact, they learned from the 2004 campaign and tossed out that old pledge and said flat out in the last campaign that they would NOT go for an inheritance tax...even if America has one.
  2. Your 'argument' is one of the most uneducated, childish, simple-minded comments I have ever read. NO, the NDP would not 'push' for communism if they had a majority. Its THAT simple. Why would they support proportional representation-like laws when communism is a one-party state system? Go back to school and learn facts before you post fantasies like this.
  3. Yeah, the NDP must be communist to get a RBC Banker, Paul Summerville to run as a candidate. NDP must also be communist to support tax breaks for low and middle income earners...also must be communist to offer corporate subsidies to businesses that are willing to clean up the environment. The NDP must be REALLY communist to support balanced budget laws. And they must be hardline Marxist-Communist to support legislation to INCREASE democracy and accountability in Ottawa. The only thing more stupid than calling the NDP communist, is trying to convince people here of that. Even conservatives understand that...they might not agree with the NDP, but calling them communist is as accurate as calling conservatives Nazi's...only a Liberal would try that.
  4. It makes me think that the tories are at their support maximums right now. It seems that the NDP are benifiting from the Liberal collapse...not the tories.
  5. Read it here...Decima Poll Tories don't really move any, Liberals drop sizably, and the NDP gains. If the election was held today, looks like the liberals would drop to 4th place. Brilliant.
  6. SamStranger has far too much free time on his hands so he libels the NDP by calling them communist. What a waste of bandwidth. This is typical of conservative and liberals party hacks that cannot see the failings in their own party's agenda's so they blame the NDP...but to call them communist? Give me a break. Your infantile ranting against the NDP like this is sooooo stupid, that it makes you look like the extremist nutbar. Have a nice day, genius. Anyone, with any intelligence whatsoever would leave this topic alone.
  7. The Liberals have expelled 10 people for being actually CAUGHT with their hands in the cookie jar. Hargrove is in hot water for violating the constitution of the NDP itself. I guess you actually have to break the law to get kicked out of the liberals.
  8. Union and Corporate donations ARE (virtually) banned. Read the Elections Canada page on this: Financing of Registered Political Parties – No, a CEO is free to donate up to his or her maximum personal donations limit under the new rules...as are the union bosses free to do the same. Or any other average Joe or Jane for that matter.
  9. Newsflash: Union and corporate donations are already banned. This was yet another NDP idea that the Liberals stole. Manitoba NDP gov't banned union and corp. donations and the idea had traction - so, naturally the Liberals stole it. The laws now restrict a union or corporate donation to $1000 in a calender year; a far cry from the millions that all parties got from such organisations. The way the Liberals and Conservatives seem to have found a loophole is that they now accept the maximum $5500 from CEO's and high ranking officials from the corporations.
  10. Who the f*** do you think you are? What possible right do you think you have advocating the BANNING of a political party? The NDP has every right to run candidates and submit a platform like every other party in Canada. You call for getting rid of the NDP smacks of Facism. As it is, Canada has two conservative parties. The Conservatives (who have the balls to call themselves what they are), and the Liberals (who campaign with an NDP platform, then govern from the right). The NDP wouldn't have won 29 seats if Canadians didn't think that Layton's alternative approach wasn't worthy. They liked the fact that he and the NDP tried to work with all sides to get things done in parliament. You might disagree with the NDP, but there are a fair number of Canadians who DO agree with them...and they have the right to send their vote to a party they agree with. Typical... This kind of infantile diatribe against the NDP is what I would expect from sore losers. Liberal and Conservative party hacks blame the NDP because of their own downfalls. They fail to see the weakness of their own party and blame another. THIS is why the NDP exists - so that people are not forced to choose between the red PIG and the blue PIG.
  11. MUSTEL is absolutely NOT an NDP pollster. Their links to the BC Liberals run deep, and well documented.
  12. HAHAHA...how laughable. Accusing the NDP of wasting federal dollars when it was the Liberals that were defeated for their ill-fated gun registry, HRDC mess, AdScam. Sometimes, accountability demands money...and its refreshing to see at least the NDP haven't forgotten the promise to clean up government ethics that the liberals and conservatives seem to now ignore... Bring on the investigation.
  13. In a separate post, I referred to the exemption that churches and religious institutions have from this law...so, NO - the government is not interfering with the religious rights of Canadians. But it is the governments business to interfere with the religious rights Canadians have?
  14. What I agreed with is the fact that the 'equal mariage law' exempted churches and other religious organisations from participating - so that the state was NOT forcing this law on those of faith. Had the government not included this exemption, then I would oppose it.
  15. I am in favour of it, because its not up to government do define what my family structure is, and if Dave and John want to be married, its neither my nor anyone elses business.
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