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  1. All this yammering about a woman who can't or won't own her actions......pathetic.
  2. wow look 23 pages of complete and utter bulls__t. Glad to see things haven't changed much in my absence.
  3. they are jacks own words, I think you and I have been through this once before though
  4. Was a PC Prime Minister who brought in the bank act. The TD has done very well with Bank Mergers in the US, considering the expansion they have gone through in that market. Create more then a few Canadian jobs hasn't it?
  5. Gwiz do you know who wrote the federal bank act? That document is what has kept us out the problems the us is facing.
  6. Oh so you support the Conservative tax credit proposal for volunteer firefights that was in the 2011 budget document......
  7. William do you even live on this planet? Do you know the conservative party constitution? I thought not, the local EDA cannot call nomination races it must be called by the National Party. The board was taken over by hostile individuals for one year who did not want to follow the party rules....funny that not one of those board members was left after the last AGM, they were all voted out. The last nomination race conducted in the riding was won by Rob. When the members of Calgary West were asked by mail out ballot just like in every other riding after the last election if a nomination race was needed the resounding result was no! So again do your home work you look like a fool.
  8. Better Check you facts William you are wrong as usual Rob Andres won the last nomination race in that riding he was not parachuted in. He has won every race and nomination race since 1997. William you are a bloody fool. http://www.calgaryjournalonline.ca/news/34-news/189-rob-anders-takes-on-calgary-west-and-unsurprisingly-wins-again Don't you ever tire of eating crow. Do you homework!
  9. Who have the Conservatives Parachuted into Alberta William?
  10. Uhmm no it is the ruling of the Speaker of the house who strangely enough was Peter back then too. Why the double standard from the same speaker?
  11. And yet no contempt of parliament when Allen Rock grossly underestimated the cost of the long gun registry.
  12. I looked at that link and I see no signatures on it.
  13. calling someone a liar without proof is the loser of a debate.
  14. Once again you brilliantly defeat yourself in a debate... Punked has much more credibility then you
  15. You quoted Wild Bill why bother quoting a post if you are not responding to it. I doubt you have ever worked an election campaign in your life, or understand how the system works. I find your posts very naive.
  16. You do understand that you did not respond at all to the points made by wild bill right? The quality of posts on this forum are going way down hill.
  17. What's funnier is the Green Party got a vote.....they shouldn't even be an option since they were de-registered and are defunct in the province of Alberta.....goes to show you how many on this board actually understand the political realities in this country.
  18. The problems in the liberal party extend beyond the leader.
  19. Isn't there typically a 10,000 ft floor on these operations?
  20. Moving parliament and shutting it down are two different things....not sure where this came from....uhhggg.
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