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  1. Just one more example of what low life lying sacks of shit make up the Conservative party. Anyone defending this is pathetic worm.
  2. If his cabinet responsibilities relate to a knowledge of science, like an "evironment minister", I damn well would. Then when our minister of state for "science" belives that the world is a mere 6000 years old this certainly doesn't surprise me as much as it should. disgusts me, yes...surprises me....not so much. I guarantee that the NDP environment "critic" damn well knows what ozone is. pretty shallow talent pool in the "harper government" I guess.
  3. His sword? Your Conservative hero worship has gone to far when you capitalize "his". Isn't that reserved for someone a little more important than lyin brian? Just a typo I'm sure.
  4. Says you? Supply chain management is what keeps the family farm and fishery alive. It helps spread the wealth in the industry between more people, giving more families spending power. Removing these protections will only result in more wealth being concentrated in fewer hands.
  5. No actually that is not true. You can apply for a liscence to sell outside the board, you just cant sell a fish that is marketed by Freshwater into a market that is serviced by Freshwater. Most of the fishers support Freshwater, there is a small minority of fishers who are angry at Freshwater over a dispute with their liscence to sell mullet, because they broke their contract by selling mullet into the New York Kosher market. This market pays the most for mullet so by by-passing Freshwater these people can get a higher price for their mullet. The problem is that the higher prices in this market help subsidize the lower prices paid for mullet in other areas, so that all the fishers can get a stable price. The FFc's administration cost cost per pound of fish sold increases' when they lose this profitable market, meaning that the pickeral fishers end up getting less for their fish than they would if their profits weren't being cut into to help stablize the price of rough fish like mullet.
  6. The provincial justice ministers could just tell the cops and crowns not to enforce certain laws just like they did with the gun registry. Also provincial governments could play hardball by reducing the ammount in police budgets by the same ammount those police agencies cost the provinces by enforcing stupid laws like pot prohibition. That would be great, but I doubt it will happen. It would be nice to see the provinces opt out of using the RCMP and have their own police agencies so the province can direct them as to its law enforcement priorities.
  7. You'll find that anyone not bowing down to Harper as the new Messiah and parroting the CPC talking points loudly enough is soon branded a "commie" and worse by some on this forum. Ignore the idiots though, and you can have a pretty meaningful political discussion here. I'd list them here for you to save you time and frustration, but they will reveal themselves quickly enough. Jack's letter to Canadians brought tears to my eyes, and I am really not in the mood to argue with fools right now. Welcome to the forum.
  8. My family is devastated to hear the news, we all knew and loved Jack very much. He will be missed.
  9. It is the message that the government is sending to all workers, not just the posties, that the owning class, will be favoured over the "working" class. They are basically telling the worker to go sit down at the back of the bus and shut the fawk up. Accept that your rulers make the rules and be happy for whatever scraps fall off their table. Do what you are told or be ready to live in one of the megaprisons we are building for the unruly. I hope that the workers of this country will unite and crush these assholes with a general strike.
  10. Nope I'll admit that I was minimalizing CP's lossess, just like they have been exagerating them.
  11. The NDP has been very good for Manitoba. We have had huge improvements in our infrastructure after years of neglect by the Filmon Tories. We also remember Filmon's promise not to sell MTS that he broke. We remember that screwy hughy was Filmon's right hand man at the time too. I don't think Manitobans are going to give Hugh a chance to steal Manitoba Hydro too. We also like that our public auto insurance actually repays us if it turns out they collected more in premiums than they needed to settle insurance claims. The NDP has invested in our health care instead of laying off thousands of nurses like the Conservatives did. We were largely unaffected by the economic downturn due to good NDP fiscal management. Change Government???? Fawk Hugh!
  12. Well that's kind of the point of a strike isn't it? To make the owners realize that they need the workers? If striking didn't affect the company, what would be the point? This is what gives the workers leverage when collectively bargaining for better work conditions.
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