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  1. Yes, they definitely will want to rag the puck on that one until the next election. Any lawyers out there know how long they can wait before appealing?
  2. Yawn. Resignation/fired semantic hair splitting. Find one federal cabinet minister who was legally fired rather than resigning from cabinet....
  3. That's right. No matter what the day the attacks will come. I understand that you would prefer the lameness of your attacks not be pointed out... Mature, such an ironic choice of word to be used in the context...
  4. 10% margins a nailbiter? Oh that's right. Because the riding is in Alberta? wtf does that mean? CPC candidates run up huge pluralities up here. Sure it's 'close' for an Alberta riding, but the outcome was never in doubt on election night. Therefore no nailbiter. Quit kidding yourself. The Libs and NDP have no chance of taking this riding. They have both convinced themselves they have a chance and will neatly divide the left-of-centre vote.
  5. And look who started the thread. Hmmm, do you see a connection? Yeah, party politics is pretty incestuous. Basic human nature I guess. I know of a sister-in-law in an MPs constituency office. Know cousins of MPs who got jobs in Minister's offices. My guess is the Liberals and Bloc haven't pursued this one because of the glass houses in which they live. I wonder if the NDP parliament hill staffer union specifically excludes family relationships. Probly not...
  6. Nail biters? Please define. In Jaffer's first race in 1997 he won a real 'nail biter'. Won by 2,951 votes and 5.9% of the vote. In the three elections since he has won on average by more than 5,100 votes and 9.9% of the vote. Really hurts the credibility when your posts are so disjointed from reality.
  7. How odd you say that in replying directly to WDW? stating how he would complain about it if it happened. But the demeaning 'paranoid' comment is appreciated.
  8. Paul Martin didn't, and he did a pretty good job of it. He was dubbed Mr. Dithers by the Economist for his style as PM and was noted for his strong track record as Finance Minister. Prentice would take the job and has the experience and track record of success to succeed. Childish and juvenile attitude towards our current and a former PM. So much for raising the level of the board. If Emerson doesn't commit to running again he'll be out. Brian Pallister has got to be at the top of the list. In the run up to the election naming one Minister for DFAIT (which is essentially what Emerson is now) could be the way to go.
  9. The majority of the 'older' or more experienced MPs are from SK, AB and BC. It was a matter of geographic representation and not wanting to have a Western Canada heavy cabinet. There are a good five or six MPs from Alberta alone who arguable have the experience to serve in cabinet but aren't full ministers at the moment. (Ablonczy, Hawn, Jaffer, Kenney, Rajotte.) Could you imagine the howls from central Canada with eight? nine? ten? Albertans in cabinet?
  10. Hypocrisy? Lack of time to bother to get to know candidates? If Stephen Harper had run on the policies Bill Clinton enacted as president: - Abortion should be safe, legal and rare (How dare how often abortions are prepared?) - Gays in the miliary (Why shouldn't homosexuals be able to tell who they are?) - Expanded the dealth penalty with his 1994 omnibus crime bill.... He'd be demonized as right of Attila the Hun. No consistency. Just plain hatin' or lovin' because of party name. No thought put into it...
  11. It's a terrible deal. Do you think the NHL wouldn't be shown on network Canadian TV if it weren't for the CBC? CTV picks up HNIC and move the At Issue panel to CTV NewsNet and I'd take my $60 back in a heartbeat given the chance.
  12. He'll get it, but youth always turn out in low numbers in the U.S. Appealing to a demographic with low historical rates of voting is a recipe for disaster.
  13. Where ever you read that is wildly off the mark. Gotta present facts that are remotely close to reality if you want any credibility The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business represents biz schools around the world. They currently have member schools in over 30 countries. Including Canada, the US and the UK. Link
  14. Just refuting the mischaracterization. It wasn't featured prominently on CNN. Guess when one wants to histrionically overstate a minor issue they are going to use misdirection when the first falsehood is pointed out.
  15. Prominently? No prominently was Paul Martin being called Mr. Dithers by the Economist. To find the CNN story online, you have to go to CNN. com, then click on World. It's not prominent enough to be one of the seven 'top world stories'. It's the second story in the Americas section half way down the page. Yeah, real prominent.... I guess mischaracterization can stretch from poll results to the prominence of the way in which a story is being reported.
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