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  1. certainly, this thread is an attack on him --- denying reality is a sad act, such as might be expected of sad little men
  2. wherever children cross the street, I want more policemen --- but of course, Pliny, your question has nothing to do with the issue of this thread
  3. no, but no surprise that you should get it wrong; it is something you lads around here don't recognize too well as it doesn't spend a lot of time around here --- it is the truth BTW - there can't be a, 'straw man argument,' without a straw man first being set up --- see, that's how it works: 1) set up a straw man 2) knock him down
  4. there are a ton of whiney bitches about --- all complaining about Obama as if he had made the arrangements instead of being surprised by the selection --- I suppose they would rather have some smug fascist like Dick Cheney to win --
  5. only the worst of the racist slugs would, in the name of partisanship, cheer for their own country to fail in a bid to host Olympics -- they. who put misplaced loyalty to race above loyalty to country -- are not but vile traitors to America and the American ideal
  6. another rightwing pervert who runs on, Family Values, is caught talking into a live microphone ... LINK
  7. 1- No, Obama did not give Pelosi such a responsibility --- however, the Constitution did 2- But Yes -- Republicans WERE consulted and have been included in the process despite their failure to do anything but obstruct the workings of govt - all the pulling away from the matter has been by Republicans themselves 3- No, Obama is to the right of where the majority of Americans sit - of course, there are a number of reactionary lap dogs who make such pronouncements as yours without any basis- without any support - without any connection to the real world 4- it is not dictatorial to note ALL humans sometimes need medical attention - and every other developed nation in the world recognizes a govt responsibility in the area of health 5- your spiel about, 'dictatorial states,' is just so much pathetic pap
  8. What about it isn't on their side? if you expect the teabaggers to be anything but a laughable freak show, you're kidding yourself --- beyond that, there is no opposition position - the only thing offered by Republican congressmen is obstructionism
  9. except there isn't anything requiring his explanation -- the explanation I have never seen is for the question, 'why are right wingers always trying to create a tempest in a teapot --- as seen by this thread'
  10. I've heard Pat Buchanan claim all Jews are going to Hell --- I never heard him mention a noose but I do know members of Opus Dei believe jews should be hanged --- just ask Mel Gibson any clown who wants to think racism isn't part and parcel of the fascist right's agenda is an especially sad pathetic, Emmet Kelly-like clown
  11. I love it when reactionary clowns talk about killing the USPS --- especially when I think about how it is one of the specific services actually mandated by the US constitution U.S. Constitution: Article I - Section 8. ... To establish Post Offices and post Roads; ... sure, it's socialized communications - but what can the reactionary right do but expose themselves as the willfully ignorant group they really are
  12. telling the truth about anti-semitism and use of Nazi tactics is not hate radio --- what Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham et al do, with their lies and jingoistic bullpuckey - that is hate radio I guess any response to the rightwing hate radio will cause the fans of hate radio to toss that label at people who only tell the truth -- as I recall, Senator Al Franken started his political career as a liberal talk radio show host -- I don't suppose any of his right wing counterparts are likely to run for office - even Joe Scarborough didn't join the reactionary hate radio squad until after he was forced out of office
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