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  1. hahaha You said that Israel was going to steal the gas nimrod. Not only have they given the gas to the palestinians for free, they are going to buy it from them. What else do you want? my goodness. Just read more slowly kuzadd so you are able to take in all the facts.
  2. And the Geneva conventions agrees with us. Civilian deaths fall squarly on the shoulders of the defenders using them as human shields.
  3. Nah, you are right, 4 billion wouldn't do anything... That's from your own link. wrong again. Don't you get tired of lying?
  4. wow. People graduate High School with the ability to make such fundamentally flawed conclusions?
  5. Curious why you find my points so funny though? Anyways, 125 IQ is certainly not low. Low IQ of 80 and below can certainly be detrimental to one's future, you will not get an argument from me on that one. As to anything over 120 the difference is largely moot according to research that I can't seem to find right now, but there are a couple of papers out on that very subject. Also, they used to break down IQ in the upper echelons into different categories but now tend to say that anything over 128 IQ is 'vastly superior'. I am assuming you took an IQ test and scored higher than this? "People that brag about their IQ are losers" - Stephen Hawking Also, is rolling on the floor and laughing your ass off a smart thing to do?
  6. You haven't seen the one's with Sarah Palin, John McCain, Barack Obama and Joe Biden? I am assuming that the company is guessing. I doubt very much it is some sort of conspiracy to scare up votes.. Anyways, my point was clear. You thought Harper's alleged IQ was low for someone leading the country. My counter was three-fold: 1) His alleged IQ would be in the top 6-7% of the country. 2) regardless, IQ is a bad measure of success and finally, 3) anything over the 120 mark, the difference is largely moot. Harper would have been able to understand my points.
  7. Well first of all, IQ measurement is a notoriously bad measure for success. There are lots of people with high IQ's on welfare for example. You must also have drive and passion. Secondly, there are lots of dumb people who comment on politics. You can see many on this forum. They aren't able to read past the headlines mind you, but their mind is made up and that's good enough for them.
  8. Unbelieveable. Anti-Semitism has been on the rise for the past decade. Our own Sid Ryan just stepped into it too. The far left is infected with this disease, badly.
  9. They are the jealous rantings of an insecure renter.
  10. uhh... Egypt is 'blockading' Gaza too.. Anyways: wow, then perhaps you can explain why there aren't rockets launched from the westbank then? I mean that is the part that is 'occupied' right? Truth is, you will find another excuse for the terrorism as soon as Israel jumps through your next hoop. You don't care, you are just at pains to look like an 'honest broker' presumably akin to white guilt, except for you apparently, it is Jewish guilt.. strange, but not unheard of. There are other people who are intellectually dishonest like you as well, like Noam Chomsky. Personally, I'll take the Alan Dershowitz view on this. Thinking of their brothers in the west bank.. lol, are you for real? Hamas and Fatah had a civil war - brutally slaughtering each other not one year ago.... and you think Hamas who controls the gaza strip, gives two figs about Fatah which controls the West bank? Are you being serious? Or do you not give a hoot to your credibility?
  11. umm... 125 would be in the top 6 or 7% of the population.. regardless, once over 120 the difference is moot. 100 is the average by the way.
  12. I would Dancer but am spending too much time on EVE as it is and Empire total war is out next month... good luck
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