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  1. Will students be taught the truth?

    ”First Nations” are in fact Mongoloid descendants of Asian immigrants by way of the NW Passage when then a land bridge.

    The Western Hemisphere was populated from north to south as proven by human remains, tools, etc. - a scientific fact the descendants of immigrants won’t discuss.

    We are ALL descendants of immigrants. Nobody descended from spirits.

  2. 40 minutes ago, CdnFox said:

    The problem is that the tax is not 'revenue neutral'.  Which means cutting it will result in billions and billions of dollars in lost revenue for the gov't.    That's going to be a challenge to make up.

    As a 'stacking tax' its impact on prices is grossly underappreciated by the general public. They don't realize how much tax there really is.

    It’s pulled up layer on layer. It’s totally out of control. Why are we paying what Belgians pay for gas and four times what Japanese pay for cell service?

    We’re literally floating on revenue,

  3. The carbon tax (which they don’t pay in China, India, Russia or the USA) has to go. Everything we consume is trucked.

    Ditch the GST as well.

    Also, why are we paying Swiss pump gas prices in a major energy producing country? Fuel is nearly free in Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Iran in comparison.

    Why do we have the highest cell costs in the world?

    Canada is out of control.

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