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  1. I’m not a large Trump fan but the media pant pissing the past couple years has provided tremendous entertainment.

    The sheer media terror wants me to see Trump back stating “fake news”, which has proven he was right.

    I never want media calling or influencing the show. Left wing “flight-of-fancy” media in charge of anything is terrifying.

    I can vote against candidates but not against nipple sucking leftist funded media. 

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  2. 38 minutes ago, Aristides said:

    Says the guys who have their tits in a knot over Hunter Biden's business dealings when he wasn't even a member of the administration.

    Trump really could shoot an old woman in the street and you dupes would give him a pass



    I personally have never typed the name Hunter Biden. I’m also not a Trump fan either way but Lord knows the US mess needs a housecleaning. He will be back. He will sue and he will win.

    CanaDUH is likely ten times worse. What is the TrootOWE family paper trail status to the guy with his own island in the Caribbean?

    Justin, inheritance aside, is a substitute drama teacher. I’d like a paper trail if it’s to be all out there.

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