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  1.  I’m condemned to use the tools of my enemy to defeat them. I burn my decency for someone else’s future. I burn my life, to make a sunrise that I know I’ll never see. 

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    2. I am Groot

      I am Groot

      It WAS slow to develop, especially as compared to the bam bam, razzamatazz of shows like the Mandalorian. But the plotting, writing, visuals and acting were just thoroughly upper end from the first show. It was leagues ahead of a show like Bobo Fet.

    3. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      He got Bix out.


      I was hoping he'd end Dedra too but oh well...can't have everything.

      It's a good thing though. It means they're planning a Season Two.

    4. I am Groot

      I am Groot

      A show about heroes needs its villains...

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