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  1. generally government is less productive then business. that being said a country with a lower tax rate will be more productive.
  2. Its really a erroneous to think we are a free economy when Government tries to control it by controlling interest rates etc. They think they can control the economy but they really can't. People in the know can just take the opposite bet against government policy example short income bearing securities creating a profit.This is a transfer of money and is one of the major reasons the rich are getting richer they are simply taking the opposite bet against government policy. Joe street has no clue whats going on its beyond his comprehension of the financial world. Rather we are capitalist or not.....Interest rates have the biggest effect on economics and to let politicians and central banks control them is a big mistake. Its communist economics and can never work. Within the interest rate world is long and short term rates which is another discussion in itself. Government has controlled Short term rates....They highjacked Long rates from the market with QE. This is going to lead to Big problems!!!!
  3. heres a complicated example If governments lower interest rates to 1% and Inflation is 2%...this is negative REAL interest rates...they can borrow money cheaply at 1%.... but it drives housing prices up so some renters pay higher rents and pension funds can't earn proper returns on fixed incomes so pension deficits rise. Is this not a sophisticated way of transfering money from people to the state.....Taxes might not be the right word....but government % of the economy might better fit.
  4. I can prove it But it would take to much effort with no reward!
  5. This doesn't include everything CPP liabilities etc.....don't forget they offloaded many programs onto the provinces...shuffling of the numbers. we also have 3 levels of government. Also when i mention taxes I include all payroll taxes (including unemployment insurance CPP deductions). Governments % of the economy is Government spending plus debt plus deficit. The total debt to GDP can drop and taxes go up (don't forget hidden taxes) and government percentage of the economy can rise. Its all playing with numbers to put news headlines out to fool the general public... Heres an example Ontario sold off hydro which had huge debt for one reason to get the debt off there balance sheet. which made things look good to the unknowing eye.
  6. Let me simplify it to you If GDP is rising 2% and government spending (plus debt) is rising more then 2%....then Government is growing as a % of the economy. This is the case for many years.
  7. 1. As I suspected.... You require proof its raining during a hurricane and its windy inside a tornado......Very Sad!
  8. Singapore personal tax rates start at 0% and are capped at 22% (above S$320,000) for residents and a flat rate of 15% to 22% for non-residents. To increase the resilience of taxes as a source of government revenue, Goods and Services Tax (GST) was introduced in 1994. The current GST rate is 7%. MH do you think its a coincidence Singapore has a higher standard of living then Canada without the resources Canada has......Could it be the efficient lower tax rate!!!!....
  9. MH your data is flawed....Government is what they spend and what they borrow...money they borrow is future taxes.....Then you have the crown corporations, bank of Canada balance sheet. Governments are tricky they purposely hide figures and produce fake numbers.....There is no way I can prove to you that governments percentage of the economy percisely without taking months to compile the evidence.....Government is growing every year and you have no common sense if you think otherwise. Think hidden liabilities like government pension plans etc..MH think outside the Box!!!
  10. Trump is going to win....Just add all the voters that are afraid to say they are trump supporters on the surveys (impossible to know)....I don't think the American public is a dumb as the Democrats think they are...
  11. The facts........ Interest rate below inflation are negative interest rates.....Government spending...I Don't think they can cut spending without a crisis to many interest groups that are difficult to take on.... What happens after negative interest rates...Money printing......Can the Fed stop printing money without a crisis.....I don't believe so there is no political will ( kinda like closing down the airports Before the virus spread)...... Conclusion We are in A depression that they are trying to prevent from happening.....By fake economics e.g. an errosion of standard of living over many years. All the money they have printed is working through the system now, Asset bubbles.......How it will settle is the million dollar question....I think eventually the printing of money won't work any longer....and we should reach that point soon....then the money will shift.....I don't think anyone can predict where the money will go with certainty....China is communist, Europe is a Basket case. There is No alternative but Gold and other rare things like land and maybe companies that produce things people need Innovative companies. I think the stock market will be the first to correct. Because its the most Liquid (concerning assets)
  12. The last stage before A depression is money printing. We are in that stage right now. The government can't fulfill all their obligations Debt repayment Pensions etc. Its going to be brutal. Canada might try and increase immigration....This will delay the reckoning further...If you don't count overcrowded transit roads hospitals etc......Its a pyramid scheme......
  13. LOL......Lets have the olympics with predetermined results as the closing ceremonies....
  14. Your definition is like saying anything is invalid because it is not pure....eg the stock market is not the stock market because other things go on. If I say I'm german i'm not because i'm only 90% German......Voting is not the litmus test for democracy....Knowing the rules of the vote and the system of candidates if they are followed then its a democracy.
  15. Democrats are idiots they are mostly middle and lower class and they fall for the democratic tactic of attacking labour by uncontrolled immigration.....Which has a direct effect on wages especially in the southern states.....increase immigration and lower working wages...the two go hand in hand
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