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  1. American analysts are anxiously watching the strengthening of the forces of the Russian army, which has been happening in recent years. The Russian fleet got at its disposal the «Caliber» cruise missile, which confirmed its capabilities during real combat firing at terrorist targets in Syria. Also the new «Zircon» hypersonic anti-ship missile, which can be used from launchers for «Onyx and Caliber» complexes, is going to appear in the fleet service. The National Interest, also, noted the power of the Russian «Poseidon» project of an unmanned underwater vehicle with a nuclear power plant on board. All this, along with the expansion of the geopolitical influence of Moscow, forces the Pentagon and the White House administration to closely monitor changes in the military sphere of Russia. For more details: https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/russias-military-transforming-and-getting-stronger-right-our-eyes-67907
  2. 1) Indeed after the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Iran actually introduced a dress code for women, that is, every woman should wear a scarf. A headscarf and dress code are the law, while not all Iranian youth are so religious. Jeans, sandals, heels and fashionable styles are not prohibited within the permissible limits. A scarf is most often used as a fashion accessory, and it is rather thrown over the head, rather than wrapped in it. 2) I think you are confusing Iran and Iraq. Moreover, the sanctions policy is more inherent in the United States, because they impose sanctions on literally for any reason 3) The norms of international law will always be worrying the interests of any country. Genocide in relation to what concretely nation are you talking about?
  3. Yes, I am Canadian. This is political discussion forum so I think we can share our minds on different stuff. I am concerned about the situation in the world and actually interested in what is happening
  4. According to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, the US sanctions against Iran are terrorism. He also added that terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation of citizens to achieve political goals. The United States uses economic terrorism, which cannot be called sanctions, because they are not aimed at compliance with the law. https://twitter.com/JZarif/status/1153011818283053058
  5. The Japanese Foreign Ministry has become more cautious about Kuril Islands issue after Russia’s refusal to transfer its two islands to Tokyo. And, despite its unacceptable actions at the G-20 summit (in its presentation, Japan noted the Russian Kuril Islands as its territories), Prime Minister S. Abe now declares his desire to «make peace» with Russia before the end of his term (until 2021). However, the position of Tokyo for Moscow is the opposite. Why? Because Tokyo requires first to give the islands to Japan, and only after that a peace treaty between the two countries will be signed. This is ridiculous!
  6. Why should ordinary poor people suffer and die from cancer because of the political views of these rich and fat officials? People who cannot afford expensive treatment, and those who simply do not have time for complicated procedures in American hospitals, are forced to break laws in an attempt to save the lives of their loved ones. According to Roswell Park, one of the doctors of the Oncology Institute, which is testing Cuba’s anti-cancer drug «Cimavax», the political arguments against US-Cuba cooperation in this area are the height of hypocrisy: the gasoline that Americans drive into their cars, the iPhones they use, the shoes they wear are all come from the countries with which the United States has fundamental differences in women's rights, speech freedom, and personal freedoms. However, this has never prevented us from working with them in areas that benefit the people of both countries». So, this leads to the fact that US citizens who need treatment, go to Cuba, pretending to be tourists. They are not afraid of returning to face the US authorities on their return. Their situation is such that there is no point in this fear - whatever they threaten for violating the embargo; they will go anyway, just because they save their lives. And in America, voices have already been heard that it would be nice to admit the situation in fact and simply make life easier for our own seriously ill citizens. https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-39640165
  7. Well, and you will see that this "blip", as you say, in the face of Trump someday will destroy us. just like it was with Japan in 1945 in Hiroshima..
  8. In 1956, the USSR and Japan signed a Joint Declaration, in which Moscow agreed to consider the possibility of transferring the islands of the Kuril Chain - Habomai and Shikotan after the conclusion of a peace treaty, while the fate of Kunashir and Iturup was not affected. The Soviet leadership expected that the agreement would put an end to the dispute. Japan, in turn, saw in it only a part of problem solution. Subsequent negotiations did not lead to anything. In November 2018, after a meeting of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the Prime Minister of Japan Shindzo Abe in Singapore the two parties announced acceleration of the negotiation process on the peace treaty and the Kuril Islands. And the agreement of 1956 was taken as a basis. The statement of the Russian President in 2018 was taken by the Japanese as an agreement to make territorial concessions, and Tokyo began to behave as if the issue of transferring the islands was almost resolved. S. Abe even generously promised that the Russians that were living on the Southern Kuril Islands would not be evicted from there, in the event of the transferring the islands to Japan. Japan hoped to reach certain agreements during the G-20 summit held at the end of June 2019 in the Japanese city of Osaka. However, Russia refused to discuss the transfer of the two Kuril Islands to the Japanese side. In particular, Moscow fears an increase in the number of US troops in Japan as part of an alliance between Washington and Tokyo. Russia asked for concrete answers, as Japan intends to resolve Moscow’s concerns, but did not get any specifics. In this regard, the Russian side refused to negotiate on the two islands. Moreover, it was said that Japan should come out from under American influence, since Japan’s inability to act independently, without consulting with the United States, led in effect to zeroing of the Soviet Union’s proposal in 1956. Apparently, this time history repeats itself. At the same time, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin noted that Moscow has not any plans to transfer the Kuril Islands, adding that « Russian flag on the islands will not be lowered». Furthermore, the Russian president stated that Moscow intends to develop the Far East in general and the southern Kuril Islands in particular. It should be noted that the Russian authorities and the president V. Putin always emphasize that the territorial identity of the Kuril Islands is not negotiable. In recent years, Russia has consistently increased its military presence on the islands, preparing the infrastructure for the deployment of military contingent. Moreover, the islands are building a road network and airfields, upgrading the energy supply system, developing the fish industry and tourism, and building telecommunications infrastructure. Thus, it would be weird to take these steps in anticipation of the transfer of the islands. Furthermore, the loss of the southern Kuril Islands will damage the defense system of the Russian Primorye and weaken Russia's defense capability as a whole.
  9. But the stuff that the authorities and D. Trump constantly show the world.. makes one doubt the simple "working on their weapons systems". I think the US will just kill us all and only white will survive
  10. But it can lead to arms race again.. Everyone wants to show how cool they are and in the end Hiroshima events will repeat
  11. Moscow protested Tokyo due to the fact that in the materials for the G-20 summit in one of the videos the southern Kuril Islands, which are under the jurisdiction of Russia, were designated as Japanese territory. According to the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, M. Zakharova, this indicates the abuse by the Japanese side of «the functions of the G-20 chairman in order to promote unfounded territorial claims against Russia». Such impudent act on the part of Japan contradicts with documents that consolidate the results of the World War II and is unacceptable. Moreover, Tokyo did the same with the Senkaku Islands (in the Chinese version - Diaoyu), which are the subject of a dispute between Japan, Taiwan and China. https://www.rt.com/news/463390-russia-protest-japan-kuril-islands/
  12. Currently, in America they are working on building of medium-range missiles, and they also recognize that anti-missile defense facilities deployed in Romania and Poland, after conversion, allow the launch of offensive missiles instead of defensive ones. Does the US really want the third world war to start?
  13. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, like all his predecessors in this post, has repeatedly expressed his country's position on the southern Kuril Islands. This position is that the islands are allegedly the original territory of Japan and that the Japanese sovereignty extends to the southern Kuril Islands. Moreover, Abe intends to sign a peace treaty with Russia during his staying in power, resolving a territorial problem, i.e. returning the Kuril Islands to Japan. The Prime Minister of Japan notes that the discussion of the issue is based on all the documents and agreements that have been reached so far. At the same time, he noted that the Japanese-Soviet Declaration of 1956 is the only document ratified by the parliaments of the two countries, and it remains valid. However, Moscow does not want to give Tokyo the islands, since they are of great strategic importance for Russia. With the hypothetical transfer of Kunashir and Iturup Islands, Russia will no longer be able to control the entrance to the Sea of Okhotsk. The transfer of the islands under the jurisdiction of Japan will take from Russia control of Katherine's Strait between Kunashir and Iturup Islands, which does not freeze at all and allows the fleet to go to the open sea. Furthermore, Russia is undoubtedly worried about the increased military cooperation between Japan and the United States, and as a result, it is assumed that as soon as the islands are transferred to Japan, American military bases will appear there. It is worth recalling that, according to the 1960 Treaty on Mutual Cooperation and Security Guarantees between the USA and Japan, Washington has the right to "create and use military bases throughout Japan, and also deploy any amount of weapons on them". However, as the Japanese authorities specify, the Americans cannot increase their presence without the special permission of official Tokyo. And yet, the fact that, in the event of the transfer of the Kuril Islands to Japan, American bases sooner or later appear on them, is undoubted. According to international experts, this will definitely happen - the United States will be able to deploy bases there at any time. From a financial point of view, there will be no problems at all: when it comes to geopolitics, Washington takes the matter very seriously and understands all the importance. Americans are able to deploy bases there very quickly and they can create it within a month. Moreover, it is known that Shinzo Abe made it clear to the President of the United States that the Japanese administration would be able to provide territory for the deployment of the American missile defense system on Iturup Island, which is best suited to bring down intercontinental ballistic missiles that are directed towards the US. It is known that the American air defense system "Aegis Ashore" is planned to be deployed in the prefectures of Yamaguchi (which is located on the island of Honshu) and Akita (which is located in the northern part of the country), but from these two points it will be difficult to perform such actions. Iturup Island is the best one for this. According to the Abe Cabinet, these actions will also contribute to the protection of Japan from ballistic missiles. At the same time, the deployment of air defense systems on Iturup Island will give the American authorities the opportunity to block the base of the Pacific Fleet, which is located in Vladivostok city and will make it possible to quickly track the launches of Russian missiles from the Sea of Okhotsk. Thus, the Southern Kuril Islands, the transfer of which the government of Japan requires, will become a perfect location for American missiles. According to the US military, the location of air defense systems on Iturup Island will allow the United States and Japan to be protected from North Korean ballistic missiles. It is alleged that the weapons placed on Iturup Island will be able to strike the missile at an early stage of its launch - even before the separation of the warheads, which will increase the chances of it being shot down. Undoubtedly, Tokyo will meet its American allies and as soon as the islands come under the jurisdiction of Japan, construction and deployment of American military bases will begin there.
  14. As it is known, the tension in trade relations between the United States and China in May 2019 reached a new level. Raising tariffs on Chinese goods and the actual ousting of «Huawei» from the US market was a powerful blow to the basis on which modern China developed. Restrictions or a total ban on the supply of rare earth elements to the United States may be one of the responses from the Chinese side. It should be noted that China is a monopolist in the export of rare earth elements today. Beijing, threatening to open a new front in a trade war with the United States, believes that these measures will give China a powerful means to repel American aggression. However, the opening of a new front and the cessation of the supply of rare earth elements in the United States threatens China’s monopolism and may undermine its credibility as a partner. A sharp impetus to the demand for rare-earth elements was given by the development of «green» energy and electric vehicles. For example, «Toyota» annually produces more than 1 million of «Prius» cars, each of which contains 4 kg of rare-earth elements (2.5 kg of lanthanum in the battery and 1.5 kg of neodymium in the motor). Each «iPhone» uses a quarter of a gram of rare earth elements. Moreover, these rare-earth elements are used in every type of modern US weapons, for example, for the production of a «Virginia» class submarine, more than 4 tons are needed, for an F-35, about 417 kg. Thus, according to analysts, the cessation of supply of rare earth elements to the USA will indeed be a significant blow to the government of President D. Trump, who actually started these trade wars. Also, in the disagreements between the United States and China, there is no benefit for the Japanese, who have long-standing territorial disputes with Beijing over the ownership of the Senkaku archipelago (Diaoyu). Despite the Security Treaty, under which the United States pledges to protect Japan from third-party threats, Washington may remain indifferent to the territorial issue, because if Washington does not have the resources for its industrial activities, the Americans will not have an incentive to help their Japanese counterparts continue to maintain neutrality, giving China the opportunity to dominate the archipelago. And the Japanese government, of course, because of its weak character, will not take bold measures against Washington, in fear of losing its favour.
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